Snapchat is a photo messaging application ("app") developed by Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy, then Stanford University students. Using the application, users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos are known as "Snaps". Users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their Snaps (as of April 2014, the range is from 1 to 10 seconds), after which they will be hidden from the recipient's device and deleted from Snapchat's servers.
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  • 3 Powerful Social Advertising Tools to Track Offline Transactions

    … Tying offline attribution back to online activity is, for the most part, an elusive and finicky endeavor. However, social advertising is starting to step up to the plate, with various companies offering their own location-based social ad solutions. Below, we dive into a few options available (or available soon) from major social platforms…

    3Q Digital- 13 readers -
  • Snapchat Advertising: Is It Working? New Research

    … Thinking of advertising on Snapchat? Wondering if others are finding Snapchat ads effective? In this article, you’ll discover new research that sheds light on whether advertising on Snapchat is worthwhile for businesses. by Michelle Krasniak on Social Media Examiner. #1: Lack of Hard Analytic and Audience Data Makes Advertisers Wary…

    Social Media Examiner- 13 readers -
  • Snapchat CEO accused of insulting an entire country

    … Snapchat CEO accused of insulting an entire country Snapchat is not having the best week ever. It wasn’t bad enough that Instagram was copying Snapchat’s stories feature, but Instagram was bragging that their stories feature had more users than Snapchat Stories. This really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as Instagram is owned…

    Greg's Corner- 17 readers -
  • Instagram Stories tops 200M daily users, now bigger than Snapchat

    … Eight months after Instagram copied Snapchat’s Stories, Instagram’s clone is officially bigger than Snapchat. Every day, more than 200 million people use Instagram Stories, the Facebook-owned photo-and-video app announced on Thursday. By comparison, Snapchat averaged 158 million daily users in the fourth quarter of 2016, though that figure may…

    Marketing Landin Social Facebook- 20 readers -
  • Is Snapchat’s bubble about to burst?

    …. But how long can Snapchat’s star continue to rise? Recent data suggests, not for long. So here we take a closer look at its recent history and think about how it’s likely to fare now that it’s playing with the big dogs. The growth of Snapchat Snapchat (originally named Picaboo) was first founded as a selfie app allowing people to share short-lived…

    Marketing Landin Social- 16 readers -
  • New Search Options for Stories on Snapchat

    …. The social network has been doing great on the stock market, and growing in popularity in general, so it is good to see that they are not letting their success cause them to get lazy in releasing new features. Michael Levanduski is the assistant editor of Performance Marketing Insider, and an experienced freelance writer. He writes content…

    Michael Levanduski/ Performance Marketing Insiderin Social- 15 readers -
  • If you’re not on Snapchat, now’s not the time to bother

    … So I tried Snapchat. It was a bit like that time I tried snails in a fancy French restaurant – a fiddly, awkward and wholly unpleasant experience that left me wondering how on earth so many people could be raving about it. Now, I’m the first to admit I’m a bit of a social media addict. I’m on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I have my…

    Lush Digitalin Social- 12 readers -
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