• I Tried Instagram Automation (So You Don’t Have To)

      Type “How to get more Instagram followers” into Google search and you’ll find a lot of media and blogs, including our own, offering tips and tricks for how to grow your community. You’ll also probably find a lot of content about paying for new followers. Most people see these as the only two options for succeeding at Instagram: figure it out, or shell out.

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    • 6 Social Media Ad Mistakes Brands Need to Avoid

      We all make mistakes, but when it comes to your social media advertising efforts these seemingly innocent blunders can end up costing you—a lot. I spoke with Hootsuite’s social ads expert Gabrielle Maheux to find out what the biggest social ad mistakes are. Continuing reading to learn how you can avoid these mistakes—and save your budget. Stop Making These 6 Social Media Ad Mistakes 1.

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    • 2 Reasons Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Will Impact Marketers

      Last week, the world got wind of the biggest Facebook algorithm change in years. Google officially reclaimed its spot as the top source of referral traffic since Facebook overtook it in August 2015, which means the world’s biggest social network has been pushing less and less traffic to content. According to a data analysis of over 2,500 sites, Facebook referral traffic now sits at 35.

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  • 6 Things Marketers Need to Know about Generation Z

    … Who is Generation Z? Anyone born between roughly 1995 and 2010. You’ve likely already heard that this tech-savvy group has an attention span of eight seconds, but here are six more Gen Z statistics that might inform how you market to the cohort on social media. 1. Gen Z makes up around 26% of the U.S. population Take a seat, Gen Y. Millennials…

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  • How to Optimise your Instagram Presence

    … Boasting over 400 million users worldwide, Instagram is a highly influential social media platform. With a range of active users who engage with images and videos, Instagram provides an opportunity for your brand to reach new audiences. But how can you utilise this platform to the best of your ability to build an audience and make sure…

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  • Faster, Easier Mobile Lead Generation with Social Lead Ads

    … October 18, 2017 Social ads continue to get more and more interactive for e-commerce advertisers. Facebook is hard at work, beautifying canvas and product layouts that really make product images and video content pop. Facebook introduced canvas templates for product ads this month, which may leave those of us cultivating leads or advertising…

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  • How to Get Verified on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

    … Page’s About section. These details include: Address or addresses (if you have multiple locations) Phone numbers Your mission statement Your other social channel handles A company overview How to apply for Facebook verification Once you’ve filled out as much information about your business as possible (and check that it’s up to date…

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  • Confessions of an Amazon Spark influencer: ‘There’s really no return on investment’

    … social platforms, Spark is not friendly to brands and influencers. In a recent poll, Collective Bias found that 74 percent of nearly 400 influencers were unsure about whether they would have a presence on the platform come the holidays. For the latest installment in our Confessions series, in which we exchange anonymity for candor, we spoke…

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  • 3 Steps to Proving the Business Value of Social Customer Service

    … Being asked to prove return on investment (ROI) is something every social media professional is familiar with. But not every organization is able to attribute financial transactions directly to social media. Businesses without an ecommerce presence, for example, benefit from social media in ways that are less directly tied to revenue but equally…

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  • ManyChat vs ChatFuel, Battle Of the Messenger Bots

    … Recently, I have started using chat bots from Intercom to FB Messenger. There are 2 FB messenger bots that I have used and I think they need a discussion because one is better than the other in many ways. Today I am going to talk about ChatFuel and ManyChat, both are Facebook Messenger bots. Now chat bots are nothing new. If you are old like…

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  • Calculating the ROI of Brand Awareness on Social Media

    … Proving the ROI of social media is a complicated task for any organization. But it gets even trickier if your organization is primarily using social to achieve business objectives that aren’t directly tied to revenue—like brand awareness. Brand awareness is obviously crucial to your bottom line (if people don’t know about you, they can’t buy…

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  • Building a Social Media Empire: Step 3 – Consistently Post Great Content

    … We’re building a social media empire. If this is the first post of the series that you have stumbled on, please take a look through the first two before continuing: Find Your Niche and Create Your Accounts Build Your Page Audience with Facebook Ads My Fan Page, Everything TIU, is growing nicely. Using my Facebook Ads for Likes strategy, I…

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  • How to Get More Out of Social Media—Tips from an Expert

    … If you’re building a social media strategy it can be hard to know where to start—or how to make it pay off in the long run. In this episode of the Hootsuite podcast, we chat with digital marketing expert Amber Naslund about how to get the most out of your social strategy. Amber is the coauthor of best-selling business book The NOW Revolution…

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  • Building a Social Media Empire: Step 1 – Find Your Niche and Create Your Accounts

    … Over the past few years, one my focuses has been building a social media empire. I have built a very nice audience of over 3,500,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. I use that audience to reach 50-100M people a month. I am able to successfully monetize that audience and generate quite a bit of income as well So, I thought it would…

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  • The 4 Key Ingredients of a Perfect Social Video

    … If the perfect social video were a cake, what would go into making it? We talked to Hootsuite’s in-house video expert, Derek Saddler, to find out the four key ingredients you need to bake a delicious piece of content. 1. It’s short and sweet According to a survey conducted by Animoto, nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds…

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