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  • What Most Companies Get Wrong With Paid Facebook Ads

    … Despite the fact that marketers are flocking to Facebook to launch new campaigns every day, not every campaign is successful. As with any advertising medium, there are nuances to observe and pitfalls to avoid. These are the most common mistakes I’ve seen companies make when it comes to paid Facebook ads - because it’s much better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than to make them yourself! The post What Most Companies Get Wrong With Paid Facebook Ads by @@mattorlic appeared first on Search Engine Journal. …

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  • A guide to testing your paid social ads to enhance ROI

    … While display and paid search ads have their place in every digital marketing strategy, social media advertising is often an overlooked paid channel. Paid search is great at capturing user intent, but is a poor channel for proactive targeting customers, feeding the top of the funnel before the user has the purchasing intent. With click through…

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  • Why I still hate LinkedIn Ads

    … LinkedIn strategy is much different. I create lower funnel, high friction ads. For example: This is kind of like asking to get married on the first date! But if you’re going to pay $8 per click, you might as well ask people to take the action you really want them to take! It’s a big ask. I would never do this on other display/social ad platforms…

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  • Go for The Gold: Winning Social Ad Strategies For The 2016 Summer Olympics

    …, second-screen activities will be popular while watching this year’s games. Simultaneously using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets while watching the Olympics is cited as the most common practice, which means you need to optimize your ads for mobile. Try investing in mobile-friendly ad units like carousel ads on popular mobile social sites…

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  • The 10 greatest social media advertising tips for content marketers

    … engagement rates. 2. Increase engagement with audience targeting Targeting all of your fans isn’t precise. It’s lazy and you’ll waste a lot of money. Your fans aren’t a homogenous blob. They all have different incomes, interests, values, and preferences. For example, by targeting fans of Donald Trump, people with social media marketing job titles, NRA…

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  • Demographic Targeting Is Becoming Less Effective on Social

    … Theory and market research firm Ipsos indicates that audiences aren’t responding well to current targeting efforts. Millennials seem to be the generation most likely to interact with ads targeted towards them: 37 percent of respondents said they would click on ads, and 34 percent are more likely to purchase products from brands that target them…

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