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    • Geo Targeting on Facebook

      August 23, 2017 Geo Targeting. It’s something us marketers hear about all of the time in regards to search. Whether it’s tailoring your ads for high performing cities, adjusting for products only available in certain markets or just singling out North Dakota for no reason; I’m sure you’re well versed in how to apply it to your search campaigns.

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  • Pinterest’s Audience Reach Is More Diverse Than Ever

    … component, but we, the Pinterest Pinners, don’t go there to check in on friends. We go to Pinterest for IDEAS. Yes, it’s “social” in that the ideas are shared from one person or brand to another, but the IDEAS are the focus, not the people behind the ideas. That being said, as advertisers, our top priority is still the potential reach of an advertising…

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  • Should I Be Running Ads on Twitter?

    … To say Twitter is in a rut may be the social media understatement of 2017. The company struggles to make money, despite having 320 million actively engaged users. Stock is down 16% in Q1 2017. Executives, who appear to see the writing on the wall, are leaving millions of dollars of stock on the table to abandon ship. Rightfully, many users…

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  • B2B Paid Content Distribution: Facebook vs. LinkedIn

    … capabilities are especially helpful if you’re running an account-based marketing program. To oversimplify a bit, the strategy mix I usually recommend looks like this: Top-of-funnel content: Facebook, since it’s a very efficient way to build an audience. Gated lead-gen and bottom-funnel content: LinkedIn. When the payoff is bigger, the targeting…

    Joe Lazauskas/ The Content Strategistin Social Content- 33 readers -
  • Brief History of Social Media Advertising

    … While many social media purists tout the power and reach of organic social media marketing, it’s still a network that’s difficult to be discovered in without promotion. Social media advertising is a market that did not exist just a decade ago, but is projected to generate $11 billion in revenue by 2017. This is up from just $6.1 billion in 2013…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin Social- 28 readers -
  • Paid search click-through rates have risen 38%

    … 750 billion impressions, 13 billion clicks and $6 billion (USD) in advertiser spend. One of the major advertising trends in the last few months has seen online retail advertisers increasing their use of specialised product-focused ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Video advertising on social media has also increased dramatically and mobile…

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  • Go for The Gold: Winning Social Ad Strategies For The 2016 Summer Olympics

    …, second-screen activities will be popular while watching this year’s games. Simultaneously using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets while watching the Olympics is cited as the most common practice, which means you need to optimize your ads for mobile. Try investing in mobile-friendly ad units like carousel ads on popular mobile social sites…

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  • How Nanigans Customer Success Teams Help In-House Advertisers Succeed

    … managers have years of hands-on experience managing large-scale ad campaigns using Nanigans software, so they are absolute experts when it comes to campaign strategy, management, and the software itself. They’ve also had the opportunity to work across hundreds of advertising accounts in various different verticals, and in many cases have worked hand…

    Nanigansin Social How To's- 13 readers -
  • A comprehensive guide to advertising on Facebook

    … Social media introduced a brand new world of advertising to brands and they’ve enjoyed exploring this affordable and highly targeted solution. Facebook is the perfect example to showcase the success of social advertising, in a way that makes both advertisers and consumers happy. Facebook isn’t new to advertising, but it seems to be moving…

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