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  • Stop Listening to Social Media Gurus and Build Your Own Plan!

    … for a low price of $49! There is a hard reality you must understand. You need to quit building your strategy based solely on the advice of social media gurus and scientists. Why you ask? Because you need to build your own plan that supports the needs of your audience and your own business goals and objectives. These gurus we are referring to do NOT know…

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  • 10 Tips to Quit Selling Me Your Stuff & Start Providing Value

    …. It is imperative that marketing and business leaders learn both the art and science of social media. Just because you CAN spam the world using social media doesn’t mean you should. It’s time marketers shift gears from the “me me me” selling strategy to the “give, give, give” mentality. Inspire your audiences to connect with you with a top goal…

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  • Social Media in a Nutshell

    … to Social Zoom Factor Podcast iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Related Stories 15 Reasons Random Acts of Marketing are Bad for Your Business & Career Twitter in a Nutshell: 12 Business Benefits of Integrating Twitter Into Your Marketing Strategy Mindset Matters: 10 Tips to Build a Social Media, Business and Life Game Plan …

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  • What is Your Social Brand Zoom Factor?

    … and investment you need to turn up the dial on your own personal brand and employee advocacy programs? White Paper: 15 Tips to Zoom Your Brand Worksheet: Download our Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template Worksheet: Download our POST audience analysis worksheet White Paper: 10 Tips to Get Your Team on Board with Social Business Blog…

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