Social Data

  • Smarter Marketing With a Data-Driven Technology Stack

    … At a strategic level, a social intelligence practice is built to provide valuable insights to marketers and, in turn, to drive smarter business decisions and business impact. It then stands to reason that your social listening data needs to be talking to, and integrated with, other parts of the business. A while back, I wrote a piece looking…

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  • The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Social Media Monitoring [Podcast]

    … Rebecca Lombardo, Director of Strategic Services at Tracx, and Eric Berkowitz, SVP, Global Services at Tracx, are the featured guests on this episode. Tracx is a social enterprise platform that helps organizations harness opportunities on the social web by providing brands key insights for business decision making. Tracx is also the sponsor…

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  • Integrating CRM with social: how advocates are built

    …, though elements of it are certainly present. Rather, I’m referring to aligning your social engagement process with all other tracked engagements, in order to create a unified customer experience. A unified customer experience is, of course, more than saying the same thing or using the same language or tone at every touchpoint. It means engaging your…

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  • Why Twitter Killed the Twitter Share Button

    … not an overly dramatic comparison, as the Twitter share count has been used as talisman of “social proof” since Twitter became de rigueur as a content sharing platform and sites started baking sharing icons into their pages. Now, POOF, it’s gone. Why Would Twitter Do This? Why would they unilaterally remove a beloved (and theoretically useful) feature, when…

    Jay Baer/ Relevancein Social Twitter- 15 readers -
  • How One Hotel Used Location Data to Deliver Exceptional Guest Services

    … How One Hotel Used Location Data to Deliver Exceptional Guest Services July 28, 2015 by Anthony Longo Leave a Comment Filed Under: Sponsored Content This sponsored post was provided by Ground Signal. Imagine providing a guest with the cocktail they were raving about last week upon arrival at your hotel — and hold the salted rim — because you…

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  • Tips for Capturing and Understanding Social Data

    … When an organization decides to dedicate more time and resources to social, being able to measure and report on the impact it’s having on the business becomes more important than ever. Gathering the right data and accurately measuring social traffic can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. To help you get on the right track, we’re…

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  • 6 Hootsuite Secrets for Putting Social Data into Action

    … Truly benefitting from social data can be challenging for a lot of marketers—and rightly so. Gathering numbers and statistics and translating them into insights that prove the value of social media can seem like an overwhelming task with no clear starting point. In research we conducted with Harris Poll, 60% of the 750 enterprise organizations…

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  • The Advent of Audience Parting (Because Day Parting Is So 1996)

    … into distinct parts. So why cling to day parting when we have access to the sort of data that allows us to target the exact people we want to reach? Instead, we propose that the industry stop thinking about day parting and move on to a system that uses a combination of audience data and social data to create custom scaled audience segments. We…

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  • The Value of Social Data: Focus on the Insights

    … methods and channels to reach this young, plugged-in community, Rahaman is always looking for ways to optimize the process. By careful data collection, he can now analyze the results. Connecting with charitable organizations The World Wildlife Federation (WWF), along with its Earth Hour sub-brand, is a powerful brand with a sizable digital footprint…

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  • 5 Tips to Turbocharge Conversions on YouTube

    … be used as alternatives. If possible, include a transcript of the actual video in your description for viewers who might have a problem with video playback. Including a link to your landing page or home page in the description area is also a great idea to drive conversions. 5. Integrate With Your Website and Social Media Your website is usually…

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