Social Economy

A social economy is a third sector among economies between the private (business) and public sectors (government). It includes organizations such as cooperatives, nonprofit organizations and charities. Social economy theory attempts to situate these organizations into a broader political economic context. In particular it investigates the economic viability of cooperatives and the value of non-profit organizations and charities in traditional economic theory.
Posts about Social Economy
  • The Social Executive with Dionne Kasian-Lew

    Martin: Hi, this is Martin Shervington. Today I’m going to be interviewing a lady who I met through Paul Simbeck-Hampson. So thank you very much for the connection there Paul. Her name is Dionne Kasian-Lew. She’s written a book called The Social Executive. We’ve just been talking before that a great bit on about leadership and about the challenges that people face.

    Reymalyn Angulo/ Plus Your Business- 21 readers -
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