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  • How to Use Hashtags to Increase Your Campaign’s Reach

    …, this method can be time-consuming. It will also leave you in the dark if you have brand ambassadors helping you promote the campaign — you would have to scroll through each of their Twitter feeds to collect engagement metrics when they push your message. You can automate the process by using a social media analytics tool such as Keyhole…

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  • 26 Billion Reasons You May Consider Linking Out

    … Last month, news broke that Microsoft would be buying the social platform LinkedIn for the low, low price of $26.2 billion USD. The announcement has already made its rounds through the business press, with analysts parsing through the price and wondering about the effects on shareholders. But as regular users of the only social network that’s…

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  • Losing Your Social Sharing Counts Could Cost You

    … It is common to overlook the social sharing counts on your pages when you’re moving from one domain to another or migrating to HTTPS, particularly on blog posts. Those little numbers beside the icons may seem trivial, but social proof remains a key indicator of reputability and quality. Unfortunately, these buttons are hopelessly attached…

  • Does Social Posting Still Have a Pulse?

    … for the moment). To show you why, and what it might mean for your own content-based lead generation efforts, I'd like to share a couple observations… 1. Social Views and Engagement Are Way Down One the past few months I’ve been wagging the attention flag to changes in mobile apps that appear to be reducing social engagement in favour of automation…

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  • Aren't Social Advertisements Really Anti-Social?

    … individual who is willing to help, not as a company trying to push products or services. It takes effort, but you’ll eventually get to the point where you see exactly why social engagement is more powerful at building a community than advertising ever can be… and by then, you won’t need to pay for clicks or attention anyway. And just in case I haven't convinced you that engagement is the holy grail, perhaps you could use some guidance on your PPC efforts by grabbing my PPC optimization download. …

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  • 3 Steps to a Stronger Personal Brand

    … the real goal of social (from a marketing and brand-building perspective), and something pretty well every company struggles with. So, how have I managed to “crack the code” when it seems so elusive to many? Everything I do really comes down to following three simple learnings around social engagement: #1 Know Your Format The type of content you post…

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  • Secure Your Own Mask First

    … If you’ve ever traveled on an airplane, you’ve heard the advice to “secure your own mask before attempting to help another passenger.” That’s a simple reminder we should take with ourselves more often. Helping others and having a giving spirit is wonderful. But, while we should all become expert “givers” – of our love, attention, expertise…

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  • Email Marketing Trends in 2016

    …” (43%). With so many marketers vying for their attention, consumer expectations for a uniquely personal, engaging experience continue to rise, and retail brands will need to raise the stakes in 2016 in order to deliver. We expect to see the following retail email marketing trends in 2016: Personalized marketing messages and offers Marketers…

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  • Email & Social: So Happy Together

    … A few months ago, we conducted a survey asking companies how they were using email and social media in their marketing strategies, and what results they were seeing with both. 67% of respondents reported that email outperformed social in terms of ROI, although social is still an important component of their marketing plans because of its…

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