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  • Cats, dogs, brands and social media marketing success

    … People love their pets, not necessarily their elected officials. And the savviest social media marketers should try to take advantage of this fact. It was absolutely hilarious, if you ask me. It was just a few weeks ago, on a Tuesday night (October 4). Two men vying for the second highest office in the land, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, were…

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  • Listening Is The Key to Social Marketing

    … In many ways, the key to social marketing is listening. In a social marketing world, the way we listen to our market is far more important than how we speak to it. We need to listen to customers to understand their needs, identify how to promote products and services and stay current on trends influencing the market. Today’s organizations cannot…

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  • Are Social Marketers Focused On The Wrong Metrics?

    … Social media marketers need to make a more sincere effort toward return on investment, predictability, and profitability. Many marketers seem stuck in the past, worrying about abstract engagement, or even the relatively outdated pageviews metric. Simply Measured co-founder and CPO Adam Schoenfeld identified three barriers to success…

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  • 4 Approaches for Navigating Influencer Marketing in 2016

    … or her individual stream. It makes sense why marketers are waking up to the power of these savvy personalities on Instagram and other social channels. Word of mouth has always been the most powerful form of marketing, and we’re seeing that on a much larger scale with the ease of content creation. Essentially, anyone with access to a smartphone has…

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  • 5 Tips for Using Social Listening to Understand Customers

    … Data has become and increasingly important part of the social media equation. However, for many marketers the challenge is giving this data context and using it to optimize campaigns. While some social media marketers feel as though they have to become data scientists, there are plenty of social listening tools to help marketers uncover useful…

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  • When Beyoncé Mentions Your Brand, Don’t Repeat Red Lobster’s Social Failure

    … to embrace the madness of impactful social media marketing in 2016. This whole debacle speaks to a larger issue: the advertising industry lacks diversity (a topic that truly deserves its own article). The same industry that is tasked more and more to communicate with blacks and hispanics is dominated by white creatives. When those cultures…

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  • How Influence Has Changed in the Digital Age

    … Influencer marketing is all the rage right now, and according to a Tomoson study, it has become the fastest growing customer acquisition method online. A report from TapInfluence, a marketplace connecting brands with influencers, outlines the history and the impact of the rise of digital influencers. For marketers, social and digital media…

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  • Seeking Conversation: Social Media for the Finance Industry, the Right Way

    … goods, the client and agency teams responsible for a website tend to own social media. Banking should not follow this model. The better financial firms are bringing the disciplines of PR and marketing together and behaving like publishers. They are also recognizing potential partnerships between these two important groups and bringing others…

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