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    • What Your Brand Can Learn from the Unicorn Frappuccino’s Social Media Impact

      Unicorn-themed products have popped up everywhere. The term “unicorn” has been used an average of 29,266 times daily on social within the past 30 days alone. When people came up with unicorn-themed food, it was only a matter of time before Starbucks, a brand which has taken social marketing to a new level, came out with a drink to leverage this trend.

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    • Why It’s Essential to Track Your Content

      You’re paid to make an impact, not figure out if you’re making an impact. So, why go through the effort of tracking your content on its journey across social and the web? Here’s Why Let me tell you about the person who taught me the best digital marketing lesson I’ve ever received. For starters, he doesn’t know I’m writing about him, so let’s just call him Ryan.

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  • 5 Clever Goal-Focused Facebook Campaign Ideas

    … doesn’t stop at publishing content on Facebook. The brand makes sure to interact with the fans who engage with their content, encouraging more engagement and building a community, rather than publishing and walking away. 3. Capitalize on Trends “Strike while the iron’s hot” is particularly applicable in social media marketing. Build your next campaign…

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  • Five Ways You Can Use Social Listening Data for Better Marketing

    We plan our best campaigns, but what really makes up a consumer’s mind is not your owned content—it’s recommendations from their social networks. Deloitte’s 2017 Digital Democracy Survey studies how technology is changing consumer behavior and attitude, impacting businesses. The survey found that social media recommendations matter.

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  • What I Learned My First Week as a Social Media Intern

    My name is Laurie and I’m the new Social Media Intern at Simply Measured. It’s only the beginning, and I already know that I’m at the right company, surrounded by amazing people, doing what I’ve always imagined I’d be doing after I graduated from college (GO ZAGS!). Here are a few I learned during my first week.

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  • Which Metrics Do You Need in Your B2B Influencer Program?

    … is influenced by influencer sharing across various channels ultimately leads to closed business. 3. Closed-Won Revenue Anything you do in B2B marketing needs to be mapped to revenue. Influencers are not any different—it’s just a newer marketing activity that is usually owned by social. If you set your influencer program up with these metrics and can…

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  • How to Gut Check Your Performance Against Competitors

    … The webinar addresses: Why your competitors matter: On social, we have unprecedented insight into the successes and failures of our competitors. This means we can use simple analysis to identify and replicate competitors’ successes, avoid their mistakes, and understand how we stack up against our biggest competitors at all times. How…

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  • How to Design Visuals for Your Social Media Campaign

    … As a graphic designer for Simply Measured—really, any tech company—creating customized images to promote and post on social is the bread and butter. I optimize, reformat, and repurpose images based on specific network parameters and audience, all while keeping a consistent, on-brand look and feel. Boss-Approved Best Practices for Reporting…

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  • What Full-Funnel Social Analytics Actually Means

    … with reports. Create effective and efficient reports for your stakeholders and automate their delivery to your inbox or theirs. API: Social data shouldn’t live in a silo. Bring Social alongside the rest of your marketing and business data with our API to show the value of your social campaigns in the context of business goals. Track Content…

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  • What Are Social Media Marketing Essentials in 2017?

    … Social media marketing can be a challenging aspect of marketing for some companies, both in terms of valuing this channel and using it effectively. While social media can be one of your best tools for connecting with customers and building strong relationships, not all businesses take advantage of their social media profiles the way they should…

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  • The New Simply Measured: Because Marketing is Messy

    … are an important part of the marketing ecosystem, helping brands around the world create amazing content, and social campaigns that integrate with the rest of the marketing team. They’re experts in the field, and one reason is that they use data to understand the world around them. Simply Measured works with hundreds of agencies. In fact, agencies who we still…

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  • #SimplySocialAwards: Best Video Strategy

    It’s week 3 of the #SimplySocialAwards! Last week Alaska Airlines won best content strategy with 55% of the vote. Next up is best video strategy–an important category, as video continues to be a major trend for social media in 2017. 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day and 10 billion videos are watched on Snapchat every day. Needless to say, video isn’t going anywhere.

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  • Cats, dogs, brands and social media marketing success

    … People love their pets, not necessarily their elected officials. And the savviest social media marketers should try to take advantage of this fact. It was absolutely hilarious, if you ask me. It was just a few weeks ago, on a Tuesday night (October 4). Two men vying for the second highest office in the land, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, were…

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