Social Media Addiction

  • Survey: Ed Sheeran Inspires Users to Consider Digital Detox

    … worried that they felt anxious if [they] hadn’t checked for a social media or Facebook update. They felt that they didn’t fully enjoy or appreciate an experience because they were thinking about communicating about it to their friends through social media. They felt concerned that they weren’t able to enjoy life unless others knew what they were…

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  • Take the test. Do you have a social media addiction?

    … what you want for dinner. As you scroll through your Facebook feed, life becomes nothing more than background noise. A few years back, a post on this blog discussed whether social media addiction was real. It is. And in a few moments you will learn how you can tell if you are addicted or not. But first, a few plain facts. Wired for social media…

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  • 5 Crazy Ways Social Media is Changing Your Brain Right Now

    … of internet users are unable to manage how much time they spend online. This works in a similar way to drug dependency, although it’s more of a psychological addiction than anything physical. Indeed, social media provides immediate rewards with minimal effort – this is appealing to the brain, which rewires itself to make you desire this stimulus even more. And so on. For more insights check out the video below, which comes courtesy of AsapSCIENCE. …

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