Social Media And Authenticity

  • The stress of authenticity and other reasons social media is exhausting

    … for the two weeks we were on our honeymoon felt terrible. And nothing should feel terrible in Bora Bora! Where is the line? What I mean is, where do you let selling yourself and perfectionism go and true authenticity take over? “I’m in Bora Bora for Pete’s sake! STOP EMAILING/TEXTING/TWEETING ME!” (What I wanted to say, but didn’t). With social media…

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  • Social media, authenticity and the human brand

    …: How important is establishing your personal social media “character?” The difference between transparency and authenticity The burden, privilege, and complexities of representing your brand online The tightrope between personal and professional revelations on the web Drawing the line — over-sharing and personal authenticity in service…

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