Social Media And Government

  • We have a new government. IssueVoter can help you make sure they’re doing their jobs.

    … in the sand about politics had left me completely ignorant. And even if I hadn’t been ignorant, a lot of the information being thrown at me was… wrong! Every sign seemed to tell me to vote against the grocery tax. That seemed simple enough. Until I did a little research and realized they were taxing sugary sodas only—and that the giant…

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  • Should Facebook be regulated?

    … Should children be exposed to graphic violence on Facebook without your knowledge and consent? Is it a widely-available broadcast channel like TV that should be regulated, or is it something different? The social web has created amazing opportunities to learn, discover, connect, and have fun. But with the advent of innovations like live…

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  • 5 Ways Twitter is changing the world (despite what the critics say)

    … account …” Why do powerful people, celebrities, and even governments turn to Twitter at these critical events? Because there is no media channel on earth with the reach and opportunity for a viral response than Twitter. It is public, unfiltered, intimate, real-time, and rapid … the perfect channel for provocative news. Of course sometimes even a casual…

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  • 7 Ways social media has changed leadership

    … an ideal environment for the traditional notion of leadership. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and have listed below a few ways I believe social media presents challenges for leadership. I’d love to hear what you think … 1) How do you exert leadership in an environment that disdains leadership? Even though any kind of “rules” or hierarchy…

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  • Social Media and the Stock Market: A Lesson in Global Manipulation

    … goes viral. The power of the gatekeepers has shifted, the public’s attention span is shorter, and a company’s reputation could be at the mercy of every person with a smart phone. Yet shockingly, the corporate and financial worlds have not yet grasped this aspect of social media. It’s not through lack of trying, but rather due to the fact…

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