Social Media And Politics

    • Heed these 3 social media lessons in politically-charged times

      By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist I fondly remember pre-2016 when my tweet stream consisted mostly of posts from authors, bloggers, and creative entrepreneurs. Now in 2017, my Twitter follower list still consists of these types, but one major thing has changed. The newsfeed has become political.

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  • How business strategy is being re-invented by social media

    … a juicy one: How social media is upending traditional marketing strategy … perhaps business strategy. Mitch and I have both written recently about the danger of politicizing a brand. But Mitch makes the additional smart point that brands may not have a choice in the matter — customers may be demanding that we take a political stand. This is a thought…

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  • What to do if the president tweets you

    …-point accountability and speed in a crisis, and the same is true if the president should tweet at you. There should be preparation, a social media policy in place, and a clear line of accountability, involving legal and your PR agency if necessary. The ultimate spokesperson should be a senior company representative, not an agency. If a company does…

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  • The difference between “free speech” and politicizing your brand

    …. What about the woman who had her employer step in on her very polarizing social media post? In this example, she is an indirect company representative. Whether you like it or not, you are always “on.” When people post in their bios “all views are my own,” that really has no bearing on reality. You always represent other things — your company, your…

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  • An insider’s view of the American election and its meaning for marketers

    … of “social desirability bias” and how it shows up on social media Was the election won on Twitter? How big data and analytics delivered the election win The importance of the focused message and a movement The impact of fake news If you listen to one podcast, it would probably be This American Life with Ira Glass. But if you listen to TWO…

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  • We have a new government. IssueVoter can help you make sure they’re doing their jobs.

    … care about, IssueVoter shows the pros and cons of related bills that will soon be voted upon. When you specify which stance you’d like your congressperson to take, it automatically emails them your position! And you can also encourage your friends to take a stand as well via social media–though IssueVoter avoids friend feuds by anonymizing your…

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  • Social media, technology and dirty politics

    … by … who knows? Is Hillary Clinton the dirtiest politician ever, as her opponent claims? Well, American politics has been filled with some pretty notorious cads. Over the years I’ve devoured Robert Caro’s voluminous set of books about The Years of Lyndon Johnson. Johnson was pretty much a political monster. The difference is, we didn’t have social media…

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  • Are you unknowingly supporting hate speech?

    … with that name. I don’t agree with everything he says and sometimes his humor offends me. But it’s his job to be provocative, entertaining and very political. Social media is simply another outlet for him. No one is forced to watch his show or follow his social media posts. He is an entertainer. And to a large extent, so is Donald Trump. I agree…

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  • Five ideas: Constructive engagement in destructive times

    … on the other side of the screen. Here are my approaches to constructive engagement in the online world… 1) You don’t need to comment on THAT Every major social media platform is free, which means users feel free to share everything. It seduces our self-inflated ego, because we believe all of our opinions matter. We overproduce content and comment as much…

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