Social Media And Psychology

  • A thought exercise on social media and critical thinking

    … without taking. Tom Webster and I have been discussing some of our observations in this area. It appears to us that people simply believe — and repeat — almost anything they hear from business gurus without thinking. We’re seeing this lack of critical thinking so often that we decided to address it on our podcast. Also, in this episode we take a stab…

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  • Too much of a good thing? The weird truth about social proof.

    … five-star reviews. But I bought the book and was pleasantly surprised that yes, it is a five-star book.” Isn’t that weird? The book had great reviews and he didn’t believe it? In fact, arguably the five-star reviews hurt my credibility. That, my friends, is the bizarre world of “social proof.” Sometimes too much of a good thing is, well … a bad…

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  • Mobile devices are detroying human conversation. Get over it.

    … a few concerns. The ubiqituous mobile device has replaced face-to-face human conversation, upended family dynamics, and challenged traditional views of relationships. I recently had the opportunity to hear author and academic Sherry Turkle talk about her new book Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. In her speech, she lamented…

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  • How Facebook changes our behavior

    … to listen to Episode 36 Click here to download the latest episode or subscribe in iTunes Click here for the show’s RSS feed – for Android listeners. Find the podcast on Stitcher Resources mentioned in this show The Goldfinch: A Novel (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction) by Donna Tartt Suttree by Cormac McCarthy The Counselor by Cormac…

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