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    • Dark Social – The Marketer’s Guide

      If you’re active in field of social media marketing, the term “dark social” has probably floated around your office in recent months. Perhaps you’re deeply entrenched in influencer marketing and your team read about Adidas’ latest social media campaign that saw enormous returns from dark social outreach.

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  • Checklist for Outsourcing Your Social Media Efforts

    If you’re working your way down the “must-have” list of digital marketing needs for 2016, organizing a coherent presence across social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter would get slotted in right under “Setting up my website.” At least it should. Social media fosters brand loyalty and community, increases sales, and helps strengthen SEO, and it accomplishes all of that ...

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  • Mixed Emotions – Facebook grapples with the art of surfacing sentiment

    …, that fit our lives and bend to our moods, good and bad. Oh, and by the way, whoever does pull off creating the shorthand language for sharing sentiment between people, wins social media for the next ten years. The post Mixed Emotions – Facebook grapples with the art of surfacing sentiment appeared first on Portent. …

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  • How to Make Facebook Friends and Influence People (with Ads)

    … last year, there’s no shortage of marketers tossing ads into the ether. At any given time, you might be targeted by agencies managing campaigns for clients, social media specialists trying to boost their company’s reach, or even Redditors looking to help other people “Feel the Bern”. Anyone can throw together a Facebook ad campaign. If you have…

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