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  • Why Your Social Media Campaign Is Not Working and How to Fix It

    … become hubs of communication – it’s often the first place people look when something momentous hits the news cycle. As any prosperous online business entrepreneur will tell you, harnessing the power of social connections is crucial to a successful social media campaign. If your engagement hasn’t led to harnessing, however, you may need to rethink…

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  • 6 Holiday Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

    … and loyalty. Also you get great ready-made content for no cost to your business, aside from the effort it took to find the content. Starbucks does particularly well with Instagram marketing. They’ve successfully generated engagement by sharing user-generated content. With their annual Red Cup Contest, Starbucks asks users to share images of how…

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  • How I Use @Triberr to Amplify Content, Earn Trust & Grow Social Media Community

    Triberr is a platform that brings together smart, savvy and talented content producers. From bloggers, podcasters, video stars to lovers of technology, food, business, horses and cars. It’s a mini social network that helps content creators amplify their content, earn trust, establish thought leadership, find new bloggers and build community. Using Triberr effectively is both art and science.

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  • 6 Habits of Successful Social Media Marketers

    … To make better connections that generate trust and establish credibility, you need to make personalized interactions. Use a tool like Sprout Social to actively engage in conversations with people who share your same purpose. Here’s how to get started: Research your keywords. What are the terms or phrases other industry professionals are using? Ian…

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  • How to Start Social Media Marketing Campaign

    … Have you ever use social media campaigns to engage with audience and to increase your website traffic? Whether you want to build better campaigns or are ready to try your first one, there are certain process to follow. Because traffic comes from social media sites is highly targeted, the visitors are more likely to turn into customers…

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  • How to Grow Your Leads With Social Media Marketing

    … want to learn from your social audience, get creative with the kinds of campaigns you can use to collect information. What do you think? What sort of social media campaigns have you run? How have they helped you learn about your customers? Please share your experience in the comments. Tweet Tags: customer data, jim belosic, lead collection, social media campaign, social media for business, social media split test, split test, user email …

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  • Six Ways to Supercharge your Contests with Social Media

    … and that’s how it came to life.” What do you think? Does your business run contests? How can you use social media to supercharge your contests? Include your comments and questions below. Tweet Tags: case study, intuit quickbooks, louise julig, social media campaign, social media case study, social media contest, social media marketing, social media promotion, social media strategy …

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  • How to Design a Social Media Campaign

    … their campaign with Social Media Examiner. What do you think? What other steps do you use when planning a social media campaign? What have been some of your challenges while planning? Share your comments and thoughts in the space below. Tweet Tags: brand voice, debbie hemley, editorial calendar, social media campaign, social media marketing, social media planning …

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