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  • Creating a Successful Social Media Contest for Your Brand

    … have a chance at winning by engaging with your brand. 2. Outline Your Goals What are you really looking to achieve? It’s important to recognize your goals, and play (plan?) your strategy around them. Naturally we want our marketing campaigns to generate hype around the overall brand, not just the specific contest at hand. However, if there…

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  • How To Set Goals For A Killer B2B Social Media Campaign

    … Marketing doesn’t happen without goal-setting. B2B marketers in particular, being tasked with the job of bringing prospects into sales funnels for complex products and services, need to know how to set goals for every aspect of their campaigns – and that includes social media initiatives. Marketers must clarify what they’re aiming to achieve…

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  • 12 Tasks in Every Social Media Marketer’s Work Week

    …, keywords, and searches. Curation – 2.5 hours reading feeds, filtering, and sharing content. Community – 2.5 hours of audience outreach and acquisition. Campaigns – 2.5 hours to develop contests and manage promotional applications. Strategy – 2.5 hours of tactical planning and ideation. Analytics – 2.5 hours of reviewing social media reporting…

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  • How to Advertise Your Business on LinkedIn

    … Where are you going to advertise your business? Google Ad Words has the widest reach. Facebook has the most categories. Twitter is probably the best for mass marketing. But nothing beats LinkedIn if you want to laser-focus your ad campaigns to audiences in the business community. In this post I will show you the types of ads you can run…

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  • Why Did Your Last Social Media Marketing Campaign Fail?

    … Social media makes us lazy. We think it is a quick fix to our lacklustre marketing efforts - but it’s not. Throw a few tweets out, blast some connections on LinkedIn and like a few Facebook pages. That’s all it takes right? There is a fundamental problem with the way we approach our social media marketing campaigns. We are forgetting who…

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  • Creating Engaging Social Media Campaigns for Brand Loyalty

    … looking to leverage the popularity of different social platforms to reach the ever-growing users of those online communities, social media campaigns can be incredibly effective. Building brand recognition or fostering brand loyalty—both of which can contribute to significant business growth—are often generated through social media. Many brands…

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  • Your Customers Are On Social Media—And They’re Not Alone

    … are on social media, but they’re not alone. Among the millions on social media are critics, tastemakers, and your next great hires. But what motivates them to engage with a brand? How exactly can social marketing campaigns help you reach them? And how do you keep them engaged once they’re hired? We have the answers to those questions, and we want to share…

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  • 3 Digital Experts Share the Secrets of Social Campaigning

    … media experts, this team shared insider secrets to designing and launching social media campaigns that win real results. Learn how to plan the most effective social media campaigns, and how Hootsuite generated thousands of leads, aggregated thousands of user-generated photos and won millions of impressions on social media through just two social…

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  • How to Unleash The Potential of Social Marketing Campaigns

    … It’s a fact that social media marketing campaigns are 60% more effective than traditional advertising. That’s why organizations that want to make the most of what social has to offer are launching them in droves. But when should you launch your first campaign? What kind of campaign should it be? And what will its results mean for your business…

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