Social Media Case Study

  • How to Leverage the Power of Trending Topics

    …, #EdBallsDay may not be for every brand. Make sure you deeply understand a trending topic or meme before you jump in. Defining what real-time marketing means to your organization ahead of time is critical. The humor, fun, and glory of shooting off a clever one-liner is tempting, but can also cause damage if not done properly (re: DiGiornio’s tweet…

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  • How #TechnologyAndStuff became GM’s Oreo moment

    …, Wi-Fi powered by OnStar, sitting there on the screen. I cringed as I watched this in my hotel room, hoping this man wasn’t going to get fired for embarrassing his company in front of millions of people. And of course, a meme was born. Within an hour, “#ChevyGuy,” “#TechnologyAndStuff” and “Rikk Wilde” were among the top 10 national trending…

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  • How One Business Increased Facebook Fans by 200 Percent

    Do you want to grow your Facebook audience? Have you thought about using giveaways to educate your customers? Great Lakes, a student loan service, used a Facebook giveaway to educate borrowers and open the lines of communication on a topic they suspected was confusing for their customers. In this article you’ll discover how they increased their Facebook following by 200% w ...

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  • Six Ways to Supercharge your Contests with Social Media

    … and that’s how it came to life.” What do you think? Does your business run contests? How can you use social media to supercharge your contests? Include your comments and questions below. Tweet Tags: case study, intuit quickbooks, louise julig, social media campaign, social media case study, social media contest, social media marketing, social media promotion, social media strategy …

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  • How This B2B Brand Marketed With Happy People Instead of a Huge Budget

    … newsletter, or a note about a specific challenge,” Bo shared. “It hurts our email rates if we over-communicate, so we try to be sensitive to that.” ReadyTalk won the BAMMIE Advocates Unite! award last year for their Summit Program implementation and results. Have you implemented any type of advocate marketing program or strategy in to your marketing toolbox? Please share in the comments! Do you have an awesome outreach marketing case study to share? I’m always looking to collaborate so email me at! …

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