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  • Are you SURE you know where your customers are?

    … and also reminded me of an important lesson. Time and again I work with marketers who claim “Our customers aren’t on social media.” But when you dig into it, they are … maybe even if they are 90 years old! In the last two years there has been a cataclysmic shift in how people get their information. Are you sure you know where they are? This post…

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  • How to set up a Social Media Command Center

    … By Rick Wion, {grow} Community Member Many organizations have established a social media command center as a means to amplify and speed up their marketing and engagement with customers. Creating a command center involves establishing policies and procedures for various types of interactions, hardware and software tools to manage the war room…

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  • Social Media Marketing success is simply Medieval

    I work with many different companies and no matter the size, the budget, or the resources, there is almost always an element of “overwhelming” when it comes to social media marketing. “Where do I start?” “How much should I spend?” “Should I be afraid of the negative comments?” But it really is not that hard. Business is business. Business has ALWAYS been business.

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  • Five companies with a human social media presence

    … on social media and in their YouTube videos in their quest to raise money to cure cancer. Post by American Cancer Society. They actively reach out in many ways and connect with people through active involvement. An example is hosting a Google HOA with GE Healthcare to talk about cancer prevention. They also reach out and feature actual survivors…

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