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  • How Your Small Business Social Media Can Compete

    2017 Small Business Social Media Research Want your small business social media to stand out and yield measurable results? You still can although it may take longer to achieve your objectives. The reality is social media still works for small businesses if you consistently publish, curate and engage with your followers on topics core to your offering.

    Heidi Cohen/ Heidi Cohen- 18 readers -
  • Earned Social Media Shares Trump Owned: What You Need To Know

    … Why All Social Shares Are Not Created Equal Matters Want to increase your marketing results from your social media shares? Of course you do—unless you’ve been living under a rock, who doesn’t? To do so, understand that not all social media shares are created equal. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Trust is in extremely short supply these days…

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  • Online: Social Media Success Summit 2016

    … Join 4,000 Marketers at the Web’s Largest Social Media Conference. It’s fully online! You’ll join fellow marketers at an online mega-conference designed to inspire and empower you – Social Media Success Summit 2016 – brought to you by Social Media Examiner. Discover the best and newest ways to market your business on Facebook, Instagram…

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  • Blog Community: 5 Types of People Your Blog Needs

    … community people who can give you the support you need. 1. Blog post idea generators Many bloggers have trouble continually coming up with new blog post ideas. I get it. To be honest, I turned down writing a column for ClickZ because I didn’t think that I had enough ideas to write about. Once I proved to myself that I could keep a weekly column…

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  • 5 Social Media Content Formats Your Business Needs

    … How To Reel In Your Target Audience On Social Media Like a hungry teenager, social media always wants more content. To attract an audience on social media, you need to know your prospects, customers, influencers and social media followers. Ideally create a social media persona. At a minimum, answer the following 5 questions about your target…

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  • 2016 Social Media Marketing Platforms: 5 Key Trends

    … to yield measurable success. Better social media results will come from smaller incremental improvements and overall marketing integration. 2. Video continues to grow Social Media Examiner data understates video’s expanding reach. (BTW, I called this trend back in the beginning of 2015 on SME!) Social Media Marketing Video Chart – It’s not just…

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  • 2016 Social Media Marketing Benefits

    … real, tangible resources, namely employees and budget. Therefore 2016 social media marketing business benefits are your performance scorecard. They prove your social media marketing is working. They show you contributed to your business’s success. 2016 Social Media Marketing Benefits – Social Media Examiner Research Chart According to Social…

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  • Report: Social Media Examiner 2016 State of Social Media Marketing

    … It can be easy to get caught up in the buzz of new social media marketing platforms and content types (live video ring a bell?). But what are today’s marketers implementing the most and experiencing the most success with? The answers might surprise you. Social Media Examiner recently released their 2016 State of Social Media Marketing Industry…

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  • Highlights from my #SMMW keynote speech

    … This week I had the honor of giving the closing keynote address at Social Media Marketing World, the biggest social media marketing gathering in the world. What a great event. The Social Media Examiner team out-did themselves this year in every way — content, networking and flawless organization. This was a challenging talk — my audience…

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  • Qualified Blog Post Ideas: No Imagination Needed

    …? If so, please join me. I’m teaching “How To Create Quality Blog Posts Quickly And Efficiently” on Sunday, April 17th at Social Media Marketing World 2016. (NOTE: Workshop registration is required for the workshop. There is no additional fee.) If you can’t attend live, get a virtual pass. (You’ll save on travel expenses.) Happy Marketing, Heidi Cohen…

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  • 2016 Marketing Trends To Transform Your Business

    … Tactics: Allocate advertising budget to your audience’s prime media consumption. Media sellers need to provide better targeting to prove audience attention and advertising value. Media mixes will become more diverse and higher priced to compensate for the targeting. Improve marketing mojo to create quality ads and content (Hat tip to Velocity’s Doug…

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  • 5 Key 2016 Social Media Trends

    … Here are the 5 key 2016 social media trends to ensure that your marketing is on track to succeed. Includes charts and tips to improve your social media marketing. The post 5 Key 2016 Social Media Trends appeared first on Heidi Cohen…

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  • Buffer Is Losing Social Media Traffic: Are You?

    … Have sites like Buffer such as Social Media Examiner experienced a similar falloff? Are there new players in the category that are taking market share from Buffer? Social media blogs are a hot category where longevity and quality matter. For example, Neil Patel has a marketing-oriented blog where he’s publicly tracking his progress to $100,000 per…

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