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    • How Your Small Business Social Media Can Compete

      2017 Small Business Social Media Research Want your small business social media to stand out and yield measurable results? You still can although it may take longer to achieve your objectives. The reality is social media still works for small businesses if you consistently publish, curate and engage with your followers on topics core to your offering.

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  • Earned Social Media Shares Trump Owned: What You Need To Know

    … Why All Social Shares Are Not Created Equal Matters Want to increase your marketing results from your social media shares? Of course you do—unless you’ve been living under a rock, who doesn’t? To do so, understand that not all social media shares are created equal. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Trust is in extremely short supply these days…

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  • Online: Social Media Success Summit 2016

    … Join 4,000 Marketers at the Web’s Largest Social Media Conference. It’s fully online! You’ll join fellow marketers at an online mega-conference designed to inspire and empower you – Social Media Success Summit 2016 – brought to you by Social Media Examiner. Discover the best and newest ways to market your business on Facebook, Instagram…

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  • Blog Community: 5 Types of People Your Blog Needs

    … a spouse or child can help you with your editorial or other skills, your blog buddy should be another blogger. They understand what you’re going through. Even better, they don’t bring the other baggage involved in your non-blog relationship. Social media divas Peg Fitzpatrick and Rebekah Radice are blog buddies. They support each other’s blogs…

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  • 5 Social Media Content Formats Your Business Needs

    … How To Reel In Your Target Audience On Social Media Like a hungry teenager, social media always wants more content. To attract an audience on social media, you need to know your prospects, customers, influencers and social media followers. Ideally create a social media persona. At a minimum, answer the following 5 questions about your target…

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  • 2016 Social Media Marketing Platforms: 5 Key Trends

    … to yield measurable success. Better social media results will come from smaller incremental improvements and overall marketing integration. 2. Video continues to grow Social Media Examiner data understates video’s expanding reach. (BTW, I called this trend back in the beginning of 2015 on SME!) Social Media Marketing Video Chart – It’s not just…

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  • 2016 Social Media Marketing Benefits

    … real, tangible resources, namely employees and budget. Therefore 2016 social media marketing business benefits are your performance scorecard. They prove your social media marketing is working. They show you contributed to your business’s success. 2016 Social Media Marketing Benefits – Social Media Examiner Research Chart According to Social…

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  • Report: Social Media Examiner 2016 State of Social Media Marketing

    … It can be easy to get caught up in the buzz of new social media marketing platforms and content types (live video ring a bell?). But what are today’s marketers implementing the most and experiencing the most success with? The answers might surprise you. Social Media Examiner recently released their 2016 State of Social Media Marketing Industry…

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  • Highlights from my #SMMW keynote speech

    … This week I had the honor of giving the closing keynote address at Social Media Marketing World, the biggest social media marketing gathering in the world. What a great event. The Social Media Examiner team out-did themselves this year in every way — content, networking and flawless organization. This was a challenging talk — my audience…

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  • Qualified Blog Post Ideas: No Imagination Needed

    … 3 Places To Find Qualified Blog Post Ideas Do you ever run out of blog post ideas? Do you find yourself in front of a blank computer screen with a blinking cursor (or piece of paper for those of you who like the old school approach)? The real trick is to capture and record your blog post ideas whenever and wherever you get them. Yes, it can…

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  • 2016 Marketing Trends To Transform Your Business

    … need a high-level view across the terrain to see what’s ahead. 5 Key 2016 marketing trends that will transform your business. 1. Audience context becomes the marketing focus As content, social media and mobile mature and evolve, marketers must adapt and modify their plans to be contextually relevant without being creepy. 2016 is the starting…

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  • 5 Key 2016 Social Media Trends

    … Here are the 5 key 2016 social media trends to ensure that your marketing is on track to succeed. Includes charts and tips to improve your social media marketing. The post 5 Key 2016 Social Media Trends appeared first on Heidi Cohen…

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  • Buffer Is Losing Social Media Traffic: Are You?

    … How To Keep Your Social Media Traffic From Declining Social media is key to reaching your maximum potential audience for each piece of your content marketing. Yet, how are you supposed to succeed in driving traffic via social networks when poster child Buffer admits it has a social media #FAIL? Buffer’s social media associated traffic…

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  • Quality User Generated Content: How To Fill Your Calendar

    … with quality user-generated content User-generated content can be a useful addition to your content offering. 1. Have a guest content strategy (aka Guest blog posts) User-generated content can produce what Rand Fishkin call’s 10x content guest posts if you do the key behind-the-scenes work. Social Media Examiner is built on guest blog posts. They have…

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