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  • 10 Social Media Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Competitors Weep

    … What is the best social media marketing tool on the market? This is a question that has sparked many heated debates among marketers. With so many different social media management tools available and their importance to any social media marketer, it can be very difficult to find the right tool for you. Ian Anderson Gray of the Seriously Social…

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  • What is Social Media Monitoring? Everything You Should Know!

    … effective means of garnering a prospective customer’s trust. This infographic from Salesforce and Unbounce walks through the terminology and basics of social media monitoring. From terminology – like the difference between listening, monitoring, management, analytics, and intelligence – to the actual techniques for your brand to engage on social media effectively. What is Social Media Monitoring © 2016 DK New Media. …

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  • 7 Untapped Features of Marketing Automation to Boost Business

    … a high level of usability with APIs to trigger events and exchange data for smooth operation and sharing of data with other systems of enterprise. Management of Social Media Marketing Campaigns MA software not only deliver emails, it also delivers social media campaigns and marketing on various platforms: Scheduling, sharing and automating…

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  • Why understanding frequency is key to success with Facebook advertising

    … and targeting. This allows the targeting for many ads to be changed quickly and efficiently. That might be great for campaign management, but it’s not so brilliant for frequency management. Ad-sets track all of the users who have visited all ads and if an individual is served several ads from an ad-set, that will still only count as one unique user…

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  • The 17 Best Social Media Management Tools

    …, community management… This list could go on forever. The only way to effectively manage social media at scale is with the use of social media management tools that can improve your efficiency, and over time get you better results. The tools we discuss below help you do that. Many of them have similar features, however they are all different…

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  • How to Schedule Instagram Posts

    … a second look at your post and ensure you don’t make any accidental or rash postings) asking you to enter the app and click ‘post.’ How? If this all sounds great to you, it might be time to set-up your preferred social media management tool for Instagram scheduling. While the specific process may vary from tool to tool, the following guide (originally…

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  • 15 Essential Tools to Better Manage Social Media

    … the foundation of our business at Hootsuite. But beyond paying my salary, these social media management tools can increase your productivity, help you manage everything from customer service to sales, and generally make you a more effective social media professional. So how do you decide which tools to include in your arsenal? The problem is no longer…

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  • 10 Questions to Ask a Social Media Agency

    … You finally decided to take the plunge and hire a social media agency to help you market your business. Only one question…well, one question that leads to a series of other questions. What exactly do you ask a social media agency to determine if they are the right company for your needs? If you are not sure, we have a list of the top 10…

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  • 6 Full-Service Social Media Management Firms

    …, they need to have a professional handle the job. Twenty-nine percent of SMBs already are dedicating between five and 24 hours to social media management per week, spending an average of $845 per month on the channel. Rather than increasing the time they spend on social as their budgets go up, more business owners are opting to pay for full-service…

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