Social Media Mistakes

  • Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

    … Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Having no social media strategy whatsoever. Creating accounts on too many platforms too soon. Paying for fake followers. Talking too much about the brand and the brand alone. Using irrelevant and excessive hashtags. Sharing too many updates in a short amount of time. (But you may not be sharing as often as you…

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  • Social Media Pundits are Ruining Corporate Social Media

    … Have you ever made a mistake on social media? I’ve made quite a few (and continue to make them). Not huge blunders, but blunders no less. I’ve made insensitive comments that could have been avoided. I’ve criticized people that I’ve respected so they think I’m a butthead. I share politics – the holy grail of social media blunders. I also mix…

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  • Is Your Business Making Any of These Common Social Media Mistakes?

    … is expecting and whether you’re fulfilling that expectation. That said – there are some baseline fundamentals that every business should keep in mind and Jason Squires has done a solid job of illustrating them here in this infographic. Here are the top 5 mistakes – read the infographic for the rest! Focusing on quantity of followers over quality Adding to the noise Spreading yourself too thin Lacking a personality Not converting your followers © 2014 DK New Media. …

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  • 5 Ways Social Media Could Hurt Your Business

    … far too easy to let out a few drunk tweets or Facebook statuses while you’re sitting at your favorite watering hole or office party – it even happened with the Red Cross in 2011 and backfired when JCPenney sent out seemingly drunk texts during the Super Bowl. Sending out a drunk tweet or Facebook status isn’t that uncommon, but it can be damaging…

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