Social Media Mistakes

  • Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

    … Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Having no social media strategy whatsoever. Creating accounts on too many platforms too soon. Paying for fake followers. Talking too much about the brand and the brand alone. Using irrelevant and excessive hashtags. Sharing too many updates in a short amount of time. (But you may not be sharing as often as you…

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  • Social Media Pundits are Ruining Corporate Social Media

    Have you ever made a mistake on social media? I’ve made quite a few (and continue to make them). Not huge blunders, but blunders no less. I’ve made insensitive comments that could have been avoided. I’ve criticized people that I’ve respected so they think I’m a butthead. I share politics – the holy grail of social media blunders.

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  • Best Practices in Recovering From a Social Media Mistake

    … be humble. We all make mistakes, so don’t think that you’re above yours. Admit your failing, and you might even manage to turn what could be some bad press into a golden opportunity to add an irreplaceable human touch to your brand. For example, recently in the UK, bakers Greggs didn’t make the faux pas itself, but a defaced logo led to plenty of online…

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  • 5 Ways Social Media Could Hurt Your Business

    … at Super Bowl XLVII. If you perform your due diligence and really understand why a hashtag is trending it’s pretty easy to prevent an embarrassing situation. However, if you don’t understand the meaning behind a trending hashtag, you could face some much-deserved backlash. For example, DiGiorno recently used #WhyIStayed, which was a trending hashtag…

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