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  • How To Set Goals For A Killer B2B Social Media Campaign

    … Marketing doesn’t happen without goal-setting. B2B marketers in particular, being tasked with the job of bringing prospects into sales funnels for complex products and services, need to know how to set goals for every aspect of their campaigns – and that includes social media initiatives. Marketers must clarify what they’re aiming to achieve…

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  • 50 One-Sentence Social Media Hacks for Bloggers

    Tell me this hasn’t happened to you before. You’ve just read an awesome, lengthy post on a topic like “X social media tips” or “Y steps to a better social media campaign“. The article is absolutely chock-full of useful information. While reading it, you resolve to implement each of the detailed social media strategies mentioned in the post.

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  • 4 Things You Need to Stop If You Want To Be Productive on Social Media

    … You want to build your online profile, right? Because you KNOW that you need to be present on social media in order to do so. The only problem is that whenever you log on to your social media accounts… you BLACKOUT. When you wake up a lot of time has passed, but you CAN`T remember WHAT you spent the time on. Does that sound familiar…

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  • Why Did Your Last Social Media Marketing Campaign Fail?

    … Social media makes us lazy. We think it is a quick fix to our lacklustre marketing efforts - but it’s not. Throw a few tweets out, blast some connections on LinkedIn and like a few Facebook pages. That’s all it takes right? There is a fundamental problem with the way we approach our social media marketing campaigns. We are forgetting who…

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  • 5 Ways To Flood Your Blog With Traffic Using Pinterest

    … their followers Look for successful boards related to your niche and follow their followers For example, I look for successful Pinterest accounts in digital marketing with a high number of followers but also a good amount of engagement for their pins. For instance, I would follow some of Social Media Today’s followers – with over 80,000 followers…

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  • Why You Should Get Serious About Social Media Automation

    … Don’t you wish you had a few extra hours in your day? Your to do list keeps getting longer and longer, and your stress levels are rising. Something needs to get pushed back. Social media is on the chopping block. Even though you know it has long term benefits, right now it feels like a pretty low priority. No one will notice if you don’t send…

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