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    • Three drastic marketing changes ahead for 2017

      By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist Since 2017 is about to knock on your screen, it’s important to reflect on your online strategies. For me, the past year has been a paradigm shift in how I treat my personal site and the social networks. I am going to jolt you today with my three most drastic marketing changes I have implemented to survive and thrive in the online world.

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    • Your marketing strategy is not a decision. It’s decided for you

      By Mark Schaefer I get a lot of requests every day from people who want to “pick my brain.” I can’t possibly spend so much time giving free advice, and yet I’m a softie who hates to tell people “no!” So I created a place on my site where people can buy an hour of my time and get instant marketing advice for a small amount of money. This decision has had two results.

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    • Content marketing strategy: Start with questions, end with insights

      By Mark Schaefer A great way to initiate your content marketing strategy is to “start with answers and end with insights.” Let’s unpack that idea. A few years ago, YouTube came out with a white paper stating that companies doing the best job building brands on the web used three different kinds of content: Hygiene — The “everyday content” that answers common customer questi ...

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  • Three Types of Goals and KPIs Needed for Social Media Analytics

    … By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist Good social media analytics are needed for businesses to understand the social consumer. But which goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) are most needed? And why? Companies looking to garner better social media results need to start with those two questions — and from my experience…

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  • Why we create crap content: We’re afraid

    … or a tweet from “an influencer.” This dynamic came home to me in a very personal way the other day when somebody told me, “It’s not easy questioning an influencer like you.” Why? Who am I to you? If you took a stand against me or another “influencer,” wouldn’t the world be a better for it? Wouldn’t YOU be better for the debate and the fact that people…

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  • HR and social media: 7 Ways HR needs to act like marketing

    … out a company, where to they go? Increasingly, it’s social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn … perhaps review sites like Glassdoor. Who owns the company presence on these sites? Probably marketing or PR? Through a recent project, I have been reviewing a company’s Internet presence from a recruiting perspective and I find that most…

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  • Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use for SEO?

    … Search Marketing Newsletter Read by over 18,000 small business people, our free monthly newsletter delivers a digest of articles from the top search engine marketing experts. You will learn about: getting better Google rankings search engine optimization link popularity pay per click advertising viral marketing increasing traffic contextual…

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  • Strategies to deal with losing readers through the newsfeed evolution

    … marketing books. He is an acclaimed keynote speaker, college educator, and business consultant. The Marketing Companion podcast is among the top business podcasts in the world. Contact Mark to have him speak to your company event or conference soon. Illustration courtesy Flickr CC and Irina Slutsky Related Posts Tags: blogging best practices…

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  • Four marketing mega trends nobody’s talking about

    … courtesy Flickr CC and Balint Foldesi Related Posts Tags: google +, mark schaefer, marketing trends. facebook, Twitter Posted in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, Content Marketing, Content Shock, Facebook marketing, futurist, Google techologies, Influence and Power, Influence marketing, Mobile marketing, Return On Influence, Social Media best practices, Social Media Strategy, Twitter, YouTube and video | No Comments » All posts …

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  • 6 Tips to Overcome Social Media Fatigue in Your Business

    Whether you like it or not, social media fatigue is a fact. A recent study from the Pew Internet Research Project showed that 61% of respondents at least once took a voluntary multi-week break from Facebook. What does this mean for your social media strategy? If you think expanding your reach to yet another social network is a solution, you’re not alone.

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  • Why Aren’t Your Visitors Sharing Your Post on Social Media

    … credibility as an information provider. For this strategy, you can use a platform like’s Ask Me Anything 2. Make Sharing Easier for Your Readers As you slowly gain more readers, your next priority is to make it easier for your readers to share your content. If you feel like there’s not enough share count, then you can choose simple social…

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  • 8 Strategies to stand out when you’re late to the content marketing game

    …. But what if you’re on the losing end of the stick? What if you’re in a situation where your competitors have already loaded the web with content that dominates the search results? Personally, I am facing this problem all the time now when I consult with companies. If they’re late to the content marketing game, they may feel paralyzed because…

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  • Pinterest for Business by the Numbers – Should Your Business Have an Interest in Pinterest?

    … in a Nutshell Free webinars: We are also launching a series of webinars and training opportunities to dig even deeper. Sign up here-> You are the Media – Building Your Media Foundation How to Subscribe to Social Zoom Factor Podcast iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Related Stories You Can’t Buy Brand Advocates or Social Media Friends Instagram Stories vs SnapChat in a Nutshell – What You Need to Know 5 Step Success Strategy to Prioritize Social Networks for Your Business …

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  • Success may mean staying true to what you know is true

    … of existing employees already working on other jobs. I began to twitch. In week four, another one of my imperatives bit the dust … and you can probably predict where this going. Nowhere. The truth you know is true Piece by piece, my plan was dismantled. Instead of fighting for a strategy based on my own experience, my own intelligence, and what I knew…

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  • Why Twitter Direct Messages Outperform Marketing Emails

    Nobody likes spam. It’s gotten so bad that the Federal Trade Commission requires companies to allow consumers to unsubscribe from bulk mailings. They even established a Do Not Call registry to keep telemarketers at bay. Why, then, do marketers keep spamming away? They continue making those cold calls, sending junk mailers, and — most of all — hammering inboxes with inauthentic emails.

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  • How to be a marketing maverick in an old-fashioned industry

    … companies are weak on social selling, but we had a sneaky suspicion that things are changing. We hosted a live Twitter chat with exhibitors and 20 companies joined the chat. The chat lasted for just over an hour and generated a huge amount of excitement among exhibitors. It boosted their pre-event marketing by generating content to be posted live…

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