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  • How to Generate Leads With Social Media Quizzes

    … in mind for what you want to achieve. To create a mission statement, fill in the blanks below: My mission is to get potential customers to ______________. Specifically, I want my social media quiz to help gather/obtain/increase _______________. If you’re trying to achieve multiple goals at once, narrow it down to the one or two most important goals…

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  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Results

    … and experiences in the comments below. Five tips for improving your social media results with psychology. Tags: fan content, influencer campaign, melissa chu, psychological, psychology, review, social media, social media tactic, user generated content …

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  • 5 Tips to Boost Your Customer Referrals

    …. Constant testing and optimization makes your social referral plan successful. You can test where you ask customers to share, which networks are most successful, the incentives that you offer and any other factors involved to ensure that you’re getting the most benefits from your efforts. What do you think? Have you asked your happy customers to refer people to you? What results have you seen? Please leave your comments below. Tags: customer referral, lead gen, lead generation, social media tactic, taylor nelson …

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  • How to Deal With Social Media Trolls

    … do you think? Have you had problems with Internet trolls? How did you deal with them? What advice do you have to add? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Tips for dealing with social media trolls. Tags: manage social media, rachel wisuri, social media for business, social media management, social media tactic, troll …

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  • 26 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Marketing

    … Images are an important part of social media. It can be time-consuming to create or edit original images, but luckily you have many tools at your disposal. Sites like PicMonkey and Canva let you make edits on your desktop, while apps like Snapseed, Over and PicTapGo let you get the job done on the go. #7: Generate Buzz With Infographics People have…

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  • How to Create Influential Content With Social Media

    …: Create a Keyword List Whether you’re sharing a blog or posting a tweet, keyword research can help you optimize your content to build a large following. There are plenty of web tools you can use to find the best keywords for your content. One of my favorite platforms is Topsy. This tool lets you analyze keywords side by side to find the most popular…

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  • 26 Ways Brands Succeed With Social Media Marketing

    … period), the length was only 39 seconds, and was viewed 152,689 times, received 55 comments and 757 likes. As Monster High proves, videos don’t need to be long. However, it’s helpful if they’re consistent. Need a little more insight for developing length guidelines? Orbit Media and others suggest 3 to 3.5 minutes for the optimal video length, while…

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  • 7 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Posts

    … reputation and community over time. What do you think? What kinds of social media posts would you add to the list? What has worked well for your business? Tell us in the comment box below! Tweet Tags: create social media content, kiera stein, social media call to action, social media engagement, social media marketing, social media post, social media tactic, social media update …

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  • 26 Tips to Strengthen Your Social Media Marketing

    … of the most critical to immediately strengthen and improve your social media efforts. What do you think? Which of these ideas have you tried? Which are you planning to try? What do you do to give your social media the kick it needs? Let us know your suggestions and experience in the comments below. Tweet Tags: debbie hemley, social media, social media for business, social media tactic, social media tip, social media visibility …

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  • 3 Ways to Turn Email Subscribers Into Social Fans

    … and continually run multiple campaigns to keep your social media sites at the top of your visitors’ minds. What do you think? What do you do to encourage email subscribers to become social fans? Which of your social media follow campaigns have been most effective? Please let us know which methods you’ve found most successful and share any additional tips in the comments. Tweet Tags: email signup, joy ugi, offer incentive, social media tactic, social network link …

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