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    • The 11 Best Social Media Automation Tools For Smart Content Marketers

      Social media takes time, and finding the head space to consistently do it well over and over again is challenging. That’s why social media automation is so important. The thing to remember with any type of social media automation is that you will still have to spend some time on social media. Whether you are replying to a customer or commenting on another person’s post, the ...

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    • How advanced marketing automation tactics can increase sales

      When we drive visitors from social media and other sources to our website, they are all at various stages of the buyer journey. Imagine two scenarios: Person A: They are not following you but they see an update reshared by a fan on Facebook. This links to a blog post on your website. At this stage, they have never heard of you before and it’s their first time visiting your website.

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    • 5 Instagram Tools to Help You Get More Blog Visitors

      With over 500 million monthly active users, bloggers and marketers continue to increase their adoption of Instagram in their promotion strategies. According to statistics, about 48.5% of businesses use Instagram for marketing, and this number is expected to increase to 70.7% by the year 2017. Moreover, 75% of users interact with brands and visit their websites – making Instagr ...

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  • How to Build an End to End Social Media Conversion Process [case study]

    … You generate sales from social media but not on social media. Would you like an example that you can follow? In this post I’m going to show you one example that you can copy for your business! I met Mike Kawula at a conference a couple of years ago and I was very impressed with his vision for Social Quant. In case you don’t know the tool it’s…

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  • 7 Critical Habits for Profiting from Social Media

    … Who said you can profit from social media? I thought it was all about engagement….. I can show you many graphs that show that more people are creating content than ever before and that more people are engaging in social media channels. So, social media is growing… and yes, it’s a very important part of your business. But… that doesn’t mean you…

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  • 10 Tools to Help Marketers Get More Out of Twitter

    …-to social media management tool since my journalism days for a few different reasons: You can post directly to Twitter and other social media pages within the platform. You can schedule out posts, making it easy to post consistently. You can monitor all your feeds, allowing you to instantly interact with those you follow and your own followers…

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  • Instagram Analytics: Tools, Tips and Tactics

    … place to extend it to. Track all the posts that use this hashtag. Find the most engaging ones and the people who share images using the hashtag, and communicate with these people to create brand ambassadors for your business. What’s next? Which Instagram metrics do you want to track? Which of the tools above look the most promising? I’d love to hear from you! The post Instagram Analytics: Tools, Tips and Tactics appeared first on Social media and content marketing technology. …

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  • A Tools Guide to Live streaming on Facebook

    … available so you need to use an external platform to get better production. This article covers a range of options. What other options have you considered? The post A Tools Guide to Live streaming on Facebook appeared first on Social media and content marketing technology. …

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  • 10 Tips to Optimize Your Presence on Pinterest

    …… and, as such, this means you can optimize it for your own gain. That means making your content easily discoverable and catering to what your public wants. Plus, with social media referrals now being responsible for at least 31% of website traffic, you’d be foolish not to take advantage of every social channel out there. It’s just common sense, right? Oh…

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  • Achieve 1,000% more shares on a blog post – Case Study

    … a social media tool called Content Sleuth, which provides social media automation, analytics and outreach for content marketers. Gareth has only written 3 blog posts on his site so far (it’s a new site!). For the challenge he wrote a post titled ‘26 of the best and worst SMM apps reviewed‘ (these were social media management apps) Gareth did…

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  • A Reference Guide for Social Media Scheduling – Tools and Tactics

    … Scheduling content on social media is critical to your success. Here’s why: Your audience is not online the same time as you and you want to give people the best chance possible of reading your content. So… …You need to schedule!! Want to be convinced of scheduling? Want to know the tools and which to use. Read on! Why is scheduling…

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  • 10 Google+ Tools for Smarter Marketing

    … also allows you to view details of other profiles. You can also find communities that will help you grow your network. It’s not as powerful as Circloscope, but it provides great profile analytics. This way you can easily track your growth on Google+. AllMyPlus All My Plus will give you all the statistics of your Google+ profile. It will give…

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  • 15 Awesome Social Media Apps for iPhone

    … everything other than the hot air balloon is in black and white. Everything is in black and white except the image in focus 13 & 14. Manage your social media presence If you want a more comprehensive tool for managing social media, a lot of the social media management tools, such as Agorapulse or Hootsuite, provide mobile versions of their management…

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  • OfferUp offers an addictive new app for eCommerce

    … Where do your customers hang out online or on mobile? Snapchat? Facebook Messenger? What about … OfferUp? Whaaaat? You haven’t heard of OfferUp? Why, it’s one of the hottest apps around. Here’s why. People love OfferUp The average Android or iPhone user spends about 1 hour and 15 minutes in apps every day. Recent Forrester findings show that 88…

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  • 7 Online Tools for Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs

    … Whether you are already an entrepreneur or are aspiring to be one in the near future, it is important that you understand that there are a lot of responsibilities awaiting you. One responsibility which might be overlooked is implementing smart tools for digital marketing techniques to support and enhance your efforts. To overcome the most…

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  • How to Identify Popular Hashtags

    …. Which tools do you use? Do you find that hashtags are useful to your brand? The post How to Identify Popular Hashtags appeared first on Social media and content marketing technology. …

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