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  • Tips For Combining SEO & Content Marketing

    … A common concern, or rather a mistake, nowadays is that many marketers and business owners struggle to decide: Which tactic will help them grow their online presence further, SEO or content marketing? There are tons of surveys and research over the web that show the importance of both: Proper content marketing leads to 2000% increase in blog…

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  • SMhack: The All in One Social Media Managing Tool

    … If you are working online, chances are that you have multiple social media accounts. But managing them all could be a real pain, right? Fortunately, there are some tools that can help you have all your social media properties under control, optimizing your time and increasing productivity. Today, I will share my experience with SMhack, an all…

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  • How to Succeed with Google’s New Expanded Text Ads

    … is that the in-depth information in the long description may turn out to be a strong selling point. Strategy 4 Include a question. A question can often be quite a concise way to make a good point. It isn’t used all that much in Google ads so it does tend to stand out more. In the example from Marketing Labs, our idea was to have a punchy question but then go…

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  • Benefits of Engaging In Digital Marketing

    … the bit between their teeth when it is often too late! There is a wealth of knowledge available, and has lots of information for both experts, as well as beginners. One of the most important things that you will need to do other than having a search engine friendly website is to have a digital marketing strategy. Having a set plan…

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  • 4 Easy Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Success

    … from an online store is extremely high, and you don’t want to waste the opportunity. 1. Engage in Social Media Businesses that use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even Pinterest experience daily results in sales. According to statistics, social platforms such as these continue to make up a large amount of income for eCommerce. The difference…

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  • Is it Still Possible to Succeed in Online Marketing?

    … The end goal of online marketing is getting visitors to your website and turn them into customers. The most converting traffic is organic, via search engines. But what does it take to get a top-ranked website on Google? The ranking is based on a complicated algorithm that is constantly changing and updating, with more than 200 factors used…

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  • Tips And Tricks For Promoting Your Product

    …. YouTube isn’t just television online. It’s a far more social and thriving community. And this has its many benefits. One is that you can interact with potential customers in ways that you just can’t through conventional television. Another is that you have far more scope to do the sort of promotional marketing you’d like to do on television…

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  • Top 5 Email Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

    … offers great event management tools and useful social media campaign resources. But there are a few cons. They miss some advanced options, such as triggered campaigns and an RSS to email function (these features are powerful when you want to automate part of your campaigns), or even A/B split testing, which is another important omission (I’m sure…

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  • Fantastic Alternatives To Social Media Marketing

    … When social media marketing first started, it was seen as an affordable and straightforward method of digital marketing. As it’s erupted in popularity, professional social media marketing has become even more costly. Although a good social media platform is definitely important, there are a number of alternatives in terms of marketing. Here…

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