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  • Theatrical Video Marketing: 5 Ways to Make the Most of the 2018 Awards Season

    … wanted to watch. Now we move on to awards season content on YouTube, which shares some similarities with popular awards videos on Facebook. For example, one of the top categories on YouTube is also acceptance speeches, which accounts for 19.3% of the top viewed awards season videos on that platform. However, the honor of the most popular category…

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  • Roadmap for a Solid B2B Facebook Advertising Strategy

    … or Traffic campaign can work singularly to accomplish general goals, or they can be the first parts of a longer trip the user takes down the funnel toward a hard conversion goal. It’s best to have an idea of how you want these to work together ahead of time, because your first few campaigns will be “experimental” and will require testing, analysis…

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  • The Business Case for Social Network Subscriptions

    … interactions on platforms like Facebook. Since then, many posts and videos have roamed the web covering this phenomenon, complete with animations, illustrations, and ominous music. They were widely shared and caused a great amount of conversation … on social networks. In spite of these conversations and coverage, the use of social media has…

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  • The 10 Guinness World Records for Social Media Are?

    If there is one thing that I have learnt over the last couple of years about online publishing is that people love facts and figures and usually the bigger the better. If you are a car fanatic you want to know its top speed and how quickly it accelerates. If you are a sports fan then you will be eager to know how many goals were scored or the number of touchdowns.

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  • Battle-Tested Social Media Marketing Strategies That Bloggers Can Do in Minutes

    … marketing your website. And so the question becomes: “How on earth do you market your blog when you have bajillions of things to do?” I’m glad you asked. Allow me to share with you three battle-tested social media marketing strategies that you can do in minutes. 1. Leverage Twitter automation. According to Statista, Twitter averaged 330 million…

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  • Straight to Amazon Facebook Ads

    … If you’re like seemingly everyone else, you buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. That makes it a great space to expand your paid search footprint to drive more sales. Amazon offers its own services with Vendor & Seller Central but they can be really confusing and its user interface is a bit lacking. If you’re interested in promoting your…

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  • 7 Examples of Brands Leveraging Twitter for Social Customer Care

    These days, there’s little doubt that social media is plays a pivotal role in a brand’s marketing strategy. After all, with roughly 2 billion internet users on social networks and counting, there’s massive reach and resonance potential. But couple widespread adoption with shifting consumer preferences and expectations—and the smell of major change is in the air.

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  • 24 Content Marketing Predictions for 2018

    … better use of persona research and buyer’s journey stages when planning and executing their content strategies. (Tweet this!) -Kelly Wenzel, CMO 6. B2C companies will take more of a public stand on key topics, especially social issues, which will be reflected in their content. (Tweet this!) -Cyrus Park, implementation manager 7. Paid distribution…

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  • Top 6 Instagram Tips for the Local Marketer

    …When you think of Instagram, what comes to mind? For most of us, it’s thoughts of food, puppies, even teenage selfies. After all, the social media channel thrives on user-generated imagery as its source of content. (And who doesn’t love puppies?) But it’s much more than that. Who Uses Instagram? To say Instagram is popular [...] Read More... …

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  • A Data-Driven Approach To Maximizing Your Content Reach on LinkedIn

    … how it aligns with your ideas in the comments. Guest Author: Henry Foster is a digital marketer from the Greater Boston area. He writes about social media, content marketing, and online growth strategy at The post A Data-Driven Approach To Maximizing Your Content Reach on LinkedIn appeared first on Jeffbullas's Blog. …

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  • Why Ecommerce Marketers Should Avoid Ad Retargeting’s Black-Box

    … Display retargeting has been described as “the sledgehammer of the web”, hitting shoppers over and over with ads for a product they looked at once. While some consumers may be annoyed, online retailers continue retargeting as an advertising tactic because it works. Studies have shown these ads, which are individually targeted and fully…

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  • 5 Crucial Facts To Differentiate Between SEO And SMO

    … Every digital marketer performs SEO for better online visibility as it combines feasible strategies to rank your website on top search engine result page. Unarguably, search engine optimization is the most effective way for online promotion and generates profits for your business. If we talk about SEO strategies, SMO is one of the most reliable… 16 readers -
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