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A social news website features user-posted stories that are ranked based on popularity. Users can comment on these posts, and these comments may also be ranked. Since their emergence with the birth of web 2.0, these sites are used to link many types of information including news, humor, support, and discussion. Social news sites allegedly facilitate democratic participation on the web.[citation needed]
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  • Where Is Content Headed?

    … sustain themselves as viable businesses. A new breed of publishers is tapping into the needs of modern consumers by creating content in many formats – long and short, shareable, informative, and even entertaining. These “social news” content leaders include both newer players like Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, and Vice as well as more…

    Michael Brenner/ B2B Marketing Insiderin Social Content Twitter- 23 readers -
  • If Twitter Is The News King, Is Instagram Really A Threat?

    … Could Instagram someday unseat Twitter as the primary social news service? Based on announcements and conversations this week, Instagram thinks so … but a Twitter board member clearly doesn’t. The debate goes back to Wednesday’s news that Instagram has reached 300M active users, putting it ahead of Twitter, which most recently reported having…

    Matt Mcgee/ Marketing Landin Social Twitter- 9 readers -
  • Social Update: 12 • 12 • 2014

    … Just as YouTube reminded the Internet of its role in pop culture with the 2014 edition of YouTube Rewind, another social media giant is catching up in the video-sharing game. Find out about Google and Facebook’s battle for content creators on this week’s episode of Social Update—Sunny Lenarduzzi will explain how Facebook’s autoplay videos boosted…

    Hootsuitein Facebook YouTube- 12 readers -
  • Social Update: 12• 5 • 2014

    … To be heard on social media, you need to be on the same networks as your audience. Do you know which social network has the highest number of monthly active users? If you’re curious, we have the answers on this week’s Social Update, Hootsuite’s news summary series that helps you stay informed on the stories that affect your strategy on the social…

    Hootsuitein Social- 7 readers -
  • Platforms court journalists, but will the romance last?

    … they’re also trying to get to freely post content on the same platform. That’s why social news app Flipboard says it will stop at curating publishers’ content, said its spokeswoman, Christel van der Boom. “Flipboard will never create original content,” she said. “We don’t want to compete with our partners.” One platform that has made an unwavering…

    Lucia Moses/ Digidayin Social- 15 readers -
  • 11 LinkedIn Marketing Tips Every Business Should Implement

    … Whether you’re looking to build networking with similar professionals, hiring or finding a job, gathering sales leads or staying up-to-date on industry news, LinkedIn is always top choice and most suitable social networking platform to fulfill these all requirements. So are you wondering which tips to follow? Here, I’ve compiled top actionable…

    Sawaram Suthar/ The Next Scoopin Social- 8 readers -
  • 5 Ways Of Finding Top Blogs In Your Niche In a Post-Technorati Era

    … at other indicators. Factor #1: Raw numbers – Alexa rank and PR Every site on the web has its own Alexa rank and PR (Page Rank). Both of these values are independent of each other and assigned by different companies. You can check them through the Search Status plugin for Firefox, for example. In general, quality sites have high PR and low Alexa…

    WooRank Blogin Social SEO Google- 12 readers -
  • Facebook drops hints that it’s eyeing content recommendation, too

    … Facebook is quietly dropping hits that it may be getting into the content-recommendation game. This should come as no surprise, as Yahoo has launched its own content-recommendation widget and Google is reportedly working one as well. Recently, the social giant started suggesting related articles to users under News Feed posts they’ve clicked…

    Lucia Moses/ Digidayin Social Content Google Facebook- 10 readers -
  • Announcing FB Newswire, Powered by Storyful

    … By Andy Mitchell, Director, News and Global Media Partnerships Every day, news is made on Facebook. More than one billion people use our platform to discover, explore and participate in news-making events around the world. Today, we’re excited to announce FB Newswire, a resource that will make it easier for journalists and newsrooms to find…

    Facebook Newsroom -
  • Announcing FB Newswire, Powered by Storyful

    … found a partner with a track record of understanding both the potential of the social web as a key resource for media as well as the tools that newsrooms need to utilize it. We’re confident that their news expertise and best-in-class editorial team will help make it even easier for journalists to use compelling social content from Facebook…

    Facebook Newsroom- 5 readers -
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