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    • What You Need To Know About The New Facebook Campaign Planner

      October 12, 2016 Facebook recently released a new tool for its advertising platform aimed at helping advertisers plan their campaigns. Called Campaign Planner, it’s meant to help advertisers get a handle on the reach and frequency of their campaigns before they are launched. It specifically promotes three key features that can help advertisers.

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  • 7 Overlooked Facebook Power Editor Features That Will Save You Time

    … August 16, 2016 If time is money, are you maximizing where you spend your time? Put simply, are you choosing to work on the most important tasks to move an account forward? I’ve found that many Facebook marketers are guilty of slow campaign set up because they rely on the Ads Manager. The interface burns through a lot of time that could have…

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  • The Role Of Social Networks Moving Forward

    …. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are currently the largest social network advertising platforms but there are others starting to follow their footsteps: Pinterest, Instagram and more. Twitter Twitter is beginning to gain speed and will continue to do so into 2015. In the next year, we can expect to see direct purchases through Twitter. Currently…

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  • Reassessing My 2014 PPC Suggestions And Looking To 2015

    2014 has been an amazing year in paid search. AdWords and Bing Ads made some great strides with their features and interfaces (my personal favorite being AdWords ad customizers). Social platforms began experimenting with new features, including Twitter allowing the ability to make purchases directly from the interface.

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  • Where Do They Get All Those Wonderful Toys? A Twitter Ads Refresher

    … of exciting new features have been built. In that vein, here are 6 Twitter Ads features that have me geeked out: Lead Gen Cards: Social media is becoming more and more a visual medium. Pictures and videos are attractive and get more attention as users scroll through their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn feeds. Given this fact, it’s no wonder that the most…

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