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    • Perform Better Analysis With Facebook Integrated Tools

      May 12, 2017 Let’s face it. Analyzing marketing data regardless of platform or channel dominates digital marketing. We spend increasingly larger amounts of time trying to understand what our ad efforts are accomplishing, troubleshooting problem spots, and making optimizations based on that data.

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  • The 7 Things You Wish You’d Known About Facebook

    … like you, about their early days of Facebook marketing. What nuggets of wisdom do they have to pass along? I present you with 7 caveats you’ll be glad you know as you master the art of Facebook advertising. 1) Tracking/Tagging Don’t forget to update your ad URL parameters – When duplicating ads in Facebook, it’s easy as pie to forget about…

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  • Reengage Customers With Facebook Messenger Ads

    …: The Audience Network, Instagram, and now Messenger. With over 1 billion people currently on Messenger, it opens up a whole new inventory for Facebook advertisers to interact and engage with their customers. Who Should Use Facebook Messenger? Facebook Messenger ads are great for advertisers that are looking to re-engage with a specific group…

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  • The Ultimate Guide To LinkedIn’s Ad Units

    … advertising on LinkedIn’s PPC platform, you’ll want to understand the ad units available to you. Ad Units There are 3 different ad units that are available to you through the self-service platform on LinkedIn: Sponsored Content Text Ads Sponsored InMail Each ad type requires its own campaign (i.e. Can’t launch Text Ads into a Sponsored Content campaign…

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  • Stop Making These 14 Facebook Ad Mistakes In 2017

    … December 15, 2016 Facebook advertising is growing and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In Q3, Kenshoo reported a 45% YoY increase in spending while Merkle reported a 63% YoY increase in client spend. Even though advertisers keep pumping money into Facebook ads, I still account managers making the same mistakes. These common…

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  • 15 Incredible Facebook Ad Tools We Love

    …. Great for client presentations, strategy decks, and Facebook ad reports. 5. CoSchedule’s Headline Grader – Want to write better headlines? This free tool from CoSchedule analyzes your headline then scores your overall quality and rates its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value. Remember, this is an algorithm…

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  • 4 New Pinterest Targeting Options Marketers Should Be Using

    … October 31, 2016 Pinterest is growing up and marketers should take note. Pinterest, still in its infancy, is just learning to walk, as the cool-guy teenager, Facebook, reports record profits. Facebook is running at full speed searching for more ways to place ads as they reach max ad capacity. In contrast, Pinterest just released a new…

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  • What You Need To Know About The New Facebook Campaign Planner

    … October 12, 2016 Facebook recently released a new tool for its advertising platform aimed at helping advertisers plan their campaigns. Called Campaign Planner, it’s meant to help advertisers get a handle on the reach and frequency of their campaigns before they are launched. It specifically promotes three key features that can help…

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  • 7 Overlooked Facebook Power Editor Features That Will Save You Time

    … August 16, 2016 If time is money, are you maximizing where you spend your time? Put simply, are you choosing to work on the most important tasks to move an account forward? I’ve found that many Facebook marketers are guilty of slow campaign set up because they rely on the Ads Manager. The interface burns through a lot of time that could have…

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  • The Role Of Social Networks Moving Forward

    … Social networks play a large part in the advertising industry. It’s likely that the majority of you get plenty of advertisements shown to you once logging in to Facebook or Twitter. As the industry continues to grow, be prepared for even more advertising platforms. In 2015, advertisers will want to focus on non-Google opportunities…

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  • Reassessing My 2014 PPC Suggestions And Looking To 2015

    … Run effective social PPC campaigns Let’s review each of these suggestions and see how relevant they were this year. In addition, I’ll speak to their increased or decreased importance moving into 2015. Make PLAs The Priority Looking back on this suggestion, it seems like a fairly obvious statement, but absolutely rings true. PLAs continue to show…

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  • Where Do They Get All Those Wonderful Toys? A Twitter Ads Refresher

    … of exciting new features have been built. In that vein, here are 6 Twitter Ads features that have me geeked out: Lead Gen Cards: Social media is becoming more and more a visual medium. Pictures and videos are attractive and get more attention as users scroll through their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn feeds. Given this fact, it’s no wonder that the most…

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