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Social promotion is the practice of promoting a student (usually a general education student, rather than a special education student) to the next grade only at the end of the current school year, regardless of when or whether they learned the necessary material, in order to keep them with their peers by age, that being the intended social grouping. It is sometimes referred to as promotion based on seat time, or the amount of time the child spent sitting in school. This is based on the requirements on how to enroll for Kindergarten so a student can graduate from the high school level at either 17 or 18 years old.
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    • 4 Ways to Use Psychology in Your Social Media Marketing

      Just like society at large, social networks are a space where individuals tend to act in particular, more or less clearly defined ways. The predictable nature of their behavior makes people susceptible to influence of others, and sometimes the desired action we are goaded to take is paying attention to specific brands.

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    • Twitter Marketing: The Five Strategies to Know to Get the Results You Want

      Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has seen a major transformation. What began as an SMS-based communications platform designed primarily for mobile use is now a major player in the digital marketing industry – and for good reason. When leveraged strategically, Twitter allows companies around the world the opportunity to connect with legions of brand advocates in just a few short sentences.

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  • 3 Ways to Grow Your Business on Facebook

    … move you up the ranks quickly and effectively: 1. Provide excellent customer service and communications People spend so much time on social media these days, and they know that any self-respecting business does the same… if it wants to engage with more potential customers. That’s why people will often choose to message you through your Facebook…

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  • How to Get More Social Shares for Your Blog Posts

    … Coming up with well-written content for a blog is important, but generating enough traffic via social media is a different story. Top bloggers often get a lot of social media shares, which raises the question: how do they do that? Although social media share counts may be a bit of a vanity metric, there are actually a lot of awesome benefits…

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  • Chatbots And Appointment Slots: Upgrading Your Social Media

    … Social media is supposed to be the prime frontier for business conversions, but for many companies, the results have been flat. In fact, a recent CivicScience survey revealed only 4% of respondents over age 13 had made a purchase through an Instagram ad, while Snapchat, the hot new communications venue, has a meager conversion rate of only 1…

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  • SMBs: Hand Off Social Media To The Pros

    … For SMBs, social media is a leading point of customer contact, but most aren’t well equipped to carry out a comprehensive social campaign with videos and advertising. In these cases, the optimal solution is to hand off social media to someone else, rather than trying to keep it in-house. The Demands of Social Media “Digital marketing has…

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  • Top Social Media Trends for 2017 – Infographic

    … videos, maintain the lion’s share of the live streaming market. Networks like Twitter and Snapchat have also found a steady stream of viewers for live-streamed videos. Choosing where to host your next live streaming campaign can be a challenge. Each social media network has its own target audiences and not every marketing campaign works across…

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  • Twitter Marketing: The Five Strategies to Know to Get the Results You Want

    … visitors can quickly associate you with it. 2. Find and Follow Influencers As social media mushrooms in popularity, persons with an active and healthy follower base are known as “influencers.” In short, brands will connect with them and offer them free or discounted products or services in exchange for a shout-out on their network pages. This beneficial…

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  • Social Media Marketing – The Range of Options

    … Simply put, the use of websites and social media pages to market or promote a service or product is called Social Media Marketing. Think of this kind of marketing as a more evolved form of digital marketing or e-marketing. The big point of social media marketing is the sheer number of users it can touch – not just present customers but possible…

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  • 7 Tips to Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media Channels

    … Every respectable brand or business that promotes its products and services online takes advantage of today’s popular social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest – they are all extremely popular, and people use them daily without even questioning their behavior, which can sometimes show signs of addiction…

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  • Top 10 Ways to Use Hashtags for Effective Social Media Marketing

    … Hashtags are the elixir of social media. Research has shown that Instagram and Twitter posts that implement hashtags have engagement levels that are 12.6% higher than posts without hashtags. That’s a huge number. Businesses follow many ways to implement hashtags on social media. Some create their own hashtags, while others search for existing…

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  • The Importance of Employing Social Listening Skills

    … from a product or brand. One of the best resources available to marketing professionals today is social media. Through social listening, you can pay apt attention to what consumers actually believe about your company or products. Remember that social listening is not just about looking at hashtag mentions. It also requires you to delve deeper…

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  • Unprecedented Impact of Social Media on the Contours of Business Dynamics

    … As we have been observing trends for a while, technology has an uncanny habit of creating new paradigms that potentially change the rules with which we engage with the world order. Social media is one such trend that has emerged as a powerful way of communication and engagement. The widespread reach and effective penetration of social media…

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  • Top Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2018

    …. Snapchat Stories, and the subsequently-released Instagram Stories, are some of the most successful trends in social media history. As one might expect, there are several reasons for that as well. For instance, users might feel like ephemeral content like that is more authentic. Furthermore, they want to constantly engage due to a fear of missing out…

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  • How and Why Company Stakeholders Should Become Social Media Advocates

    … Social media is all about raising brand awareness, fostering customer loyalty, and extending online reach. Unfortunately, none of these would work without trust, which is earned through different strategies. As far as trust-building goes, constantly sharing content — regardless of their being highly relevant or top-notch in terms of quality…

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