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  • Embrace Mistakes to Become a Better Social Media Pro

    … What does “no hashtag left behind” mean? It means they respond to every post across social media platforms. They know their audience doesn’t like being marketed to, so instead they focus on telling stories, sharing quality photos and videos, and interacting on a conversational level. To do that, they use Facebook and YouTube for videos, Instagram…

    Jess Ostroff/ Convince and Convertin Social Content- 20 readers -
  • Why Twitter is Trying to Turn Itself Into Facebook

    The Future of Twitter Joel Comm is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and consultant. He and Dave Taylor just co-wrote “twitter power 3.0,” the latest edition of his book first written in 2009. Joel has always been fascinated by computers and the internet, starting with his first TRS-80 Model 1 in 1980. In 1995, he started one of the first 18,000 websites in the world.

    Jay Baer/ Convince and Convert- 20 readers -
  • Be Social Don’t Just Do Social

    … embrace social media technology. Brian is also known for his personal brand, iSocialFanz. He can be found co-hosting Twitter and Google Hangouts, like Social Business Hour and Cloud Talk, as well as his podcast. Brian doesn’t find it difficult to balance his company work with his personal brand. To him, “If you’re working for a brand that you love…

    Jay Baer/ Convince and Convertin Social Content- 21 readers -
  • Let Your Humanity Shine in Social Media

    Viveka’s one tip for being a social pro is to “keep your personality in your interaction, whether it be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, whatever. Be human. Be recognizable. Allow your voice, your face, your interactions to be recognizable just by the way you say hello.” Whether it’s your personal or company bra ...

    Jess Ostroff/ Convince and Convert- 17 readers -
  • LinkedIn Tricks for Social Media Professionals

    …Next-Level Networking Viveka von Rosen is known internationally as the LinkedIn Expert. She has written the book on it and consults with businesses to optimize lead generation from LinkedIn. Today she shares her knowledge and expertise (free of charge!) on the Social Pros Podcast. Optimize Your LinkedIn Page The first thing to remember…

    Jay Baer/ Convince and Convertin Social Content- 12 readers -
  • How JetBlue Delivers Amazing Social Customer Service Working From Home

    Passion and Curiosity Laurie Meacham oversees a team of about 90 crew members at JetBlue, including several who are fluent in Spanish, 25 dedicated to social, and the rest dedicated to email and other forms of customer communication. While her team is primarily reactive, they also work closely with the proactive marketing team to ensure that everyone is on the same page for prom ...

    Jay Baer/ Convince and Convert- 18 readers -
  • The Coming Convergence of Social Media and Customer Experience

    Research and Insight Julie Hopkins is part of a team at Gartner called the Gartner for Marketing Leaders Group. As a leader in the field of information technology research, Gartner formed Julie’s group a couple of years ago, recognizing that digital marketing is an area of increasing importance (more on that in Holy Social!).

    Jay Baer/ Convince and Convert- 17 readers -
  • Does Your Content Pass the Resharing Test?

    …Cultivate Your Brand Cult Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick, the marketing power duo behind Canva‘s social, are releasing a book in early December, entitled The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. Their goal? To share those social media tips that will be, for the most part, timeless. Guy, for example, explains his re-share test: “You…

    Jay Baer/ Convince and Convertin Social Content- 6 readers -
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