Social Sales

  • 10 Tips to Quit Selling Me Your Stuff & Start Providing Value

    …. It is imperative that marketing and business leaders learn both the art and science of social media. Just because you CAN spam the world using social media doesn’t mean you should. It’s time marketers shift gears from the “me me me” selling strategy to the “give, give, give” mentality. Inspire your audiences to connect with you with a top goal…

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  • Social Media Policy & Governance: 17 Tips to Mitigate Social Business Risk

    … integrate it to the DNA of your business. It’s not a band-aid you slap on to solve the latest marketing or sale pipeline problem. Think not what can the technology do for you but instead, what can you do with the technology? 17 Tips to Mitigate Social Media Risk 1. Acknowledge your audience and customers are on Facebook. Learn quick that your customers…

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