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  • Want Social Shares? Then A/B Test Your Headlines

    … data from Priceonomics, simply A/B testing an article’s headline can almost double how frequently it gets shared on social media. There’s even more good news. A/B testing headlines leads to: 34% more pageviews (that’s the mean improvement; 28% more if measured by median.) Up to 587% more social shares (or 75% more, if looking at median…

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  • Want Social Shares? Then A/B Test Your Headlines

    … Over the years, I’ve hammered home the importance of using data to drive your content marketing, as opposed to just writing and distributing based off of gut feelings or vanity metrics. Well, we now have some exciting new research that shows just how powerful multivariate testing can be when producing a story. Double your Sharing According to new…

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  • 4 Great Ideas to Get More Shares on Your Company Blog

    … Are you hoping to drive more traffic to your blog? Most companies are. Anybody can generate a few leads and gain some customers, but garnering more social shares and traffic for your blog usually takes more effort. Here are a few things you might not have tried for the purpose of increasing shares on your blog. 1. Track and Leverage Trends You…

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  • 9 Key Content Marketing Metrics to Start Tracking Today

    … reviewing the comments that come through. 7. Social Shares Image Source Social sharing is another good measurement of whether or not others find value in your content or see the potential to create engagement with your content. While people might like content that they find mildly interesting or entertaining, a share is a great way to increase…

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  • Why Twitter Killed the Twitter Share Button

    … not an overly dramatic comparison, as the Twitter share count has been used as talisman of “social proof” since Twitter became de rigueur as a content sharing platform and sites started baking sharing icons into their pages. Now, POOF, it’s gone. Why Would Twitter Do This? Why would they unilaterally remove a beloved (and theoretically useful) feature, when…

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  • The Frustration of Marketing to the Sales Organization

    … calls and closes do. While we honestly try to avoid working with sales-driven organizations, when they really push us to, it’s imperative that we provide great communication and reporting with the leading indicators they can connect the dots with. Share of Voice – most of the time that sales-driven organizations know they need marketing is when…

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  • Six Ways to Get People to Share your Content

    … Fifty percent of content marketing is dedicated to topic and content creation, while the other half is for its amplification. There are so many ways to amplify your content (like through e-mail marketing or joining communities), but getting social shares is what marketers aim for. Perhaps because it’s still…

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  • How to Measure the Value of Native Advertising

    … this advertisement spurs within the publication’s audience. This data can help your marketing team identify patterns in behavior and proactively account for these actions in the future to help drive more quality conversions. Social Sharing When a user likes, shares, comments, tweets, or takes another action with your sponsored content, your…

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  • How To Get More Social Shares – 7 Quick Blog Tweaks

    … you through some of these tweaks – they are straight forward and most are completely free to make. Social shares – what’s the big deal? Social shares are more than just a vanity metric. They are an indicator of how far your blog can reach and directly impact your traffic, sometimes in a huge way. In the past, I’ve had some great results from…

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