Socialcam is a mobile social video application for iPhone and Android, that was launched March 7, 2011. It allows users to capture and share videos online and on mobile, as well as via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. By July 2012, the application passed 16 million downloads and was acquired by Autodesk for $60 million. Socialcam was founded by Michael Seibel, Ammon Bartram, and Guillaume Luccisano and is located in San Francisco, CA.
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    It’s no big surprise that maintaining a strong social media presence in today’s online marketplace is imperative for your real estate company to keep up with your competition. To do this, you must have content to share, and some of the most effective types of content for real estate professionals are videos.

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    …. Select the elements on the right to add to the slides This is very straightforward to use and makes it really easy to create an impressive animated video. 6. Socialcam Socialcam is a very simple-to-use application for your mobile device that allows you to easily record and edit videos. You record the video, define custom backgrounds, add text…

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