Soft Sell

In advertising, a soft sell is an advertisement or campaign that uses a more subtle, casual, or friendly sales message. This approach works in opposition to a hard sell.Theorists have examined the value of repetition for soft-sell versus hard-sell messages, in order to determine their relative efficacy. Frank Kardes and others have concluded that a soft sell, with an implied conclusion rather than an overt hard sell, can often be more persuasive[citation needed]. Soft sell is also less likely to be irritating to consumers[citation needed].
Posts about Soft Sell
  • Stay a Step Ahead on Social Media: Tips from SMX Social in Las Vegas

    … will see less promotional content in their News Feeds. It prompted Altimeter Group’s Rebecca Lieb to tell the New York Times, “It’s a clear message to brands: If you want to sound like an advertiser, buy an ad.” On social media, the soft sell is the best way to win people over (and reach their News Feeds). An oft-recommended strategy is to apply…

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    … they learned about my company from this blog. I didn’t do a hard sell. Instead, they felt that if the content I produced was high in quality, then my company must be great too. Don’t push your business hard. Mentioning it every once in a while or doing a soft sell is fine. For example, you could mention the company you work for when you speak, link…

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    … for a millennial clothing retailer might be a roundup of major music festivals attended by that demographic. Content emails are an easy way to keep the conversation going, so long as they're timed appropriately and they remain relevant. Context emails tell consumers why they should care. They're a soft sell for the brand and what differentiates it from…

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