• 18 Things You Should Know About Baidu

    … Chinese keywords in 2013 were weather, taobao, Wu Dong Qian Kun, The Tang Door, Mang Huang Ji, Zhe Tian, Double Chromosphere, Baidu, Da Zhu Zai and qzone. 14. Baidu’s Dominant Search Engine Market Share Baidu makes up 79% of the search engine market share in China. It’s followed by Google China (12.8%) and the new Sogou (which includes Soso) with 5.4…

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  • Navigating the Great Firewall of China

    Tweet Buffer Just as it was important for those who traded with China in ancient times to understand how to use the Great Wall to their advantage, today's Great Firewall works the same way. The Great Wall of China, built mainly of stone, wood, and earth, had more purposes than simply keeping out Mongol invaders.

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