• THANKSGIVING: What Are U.S. Facebook Users Thankful for?

    … The Facebook Data Science Team marked Thanksgiving by analyzing anonymized, aggregate data from English-speaking users in the U.S. to determine what they were most thankful for, and friends, family and health topped the list. (more…) New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media…

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  • Using Culture to Humanize Your Content

    … an example of this with Southwest Airlines. On a recent flight to New Orleans, my flight attendant took liberties with the in-flight instructions and inserted a few hilarious quips. This has apparently become “a thing” with Southwest attendants to the point where a similar episode caught the attention of about 2 million people: The best part about…

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  • 3 Ways to Engage Your Team and Improve Your Blog

    … will it make me look good in the eyes of my boss? Any time the answer to that question is “no,” even the super-est of go-getters are faced with defeat. A communications tool can’t change company culture (not without people trying to change culture); it is only a reflection of it. Consider Nuts about Southwest, the Southwest Airlines blog…

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