In computing, SPMD (single program, multiple data) is a technique employed to achieve parallelism; it is a subcategory of MIMD. Tasks are split up and run simultaneously on multiple processors with different input in order to obtain results faster. SPMD is the most common style of parallel programming. It is also a prerequisite for research concepts such as active messages and distributed shared memory.
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    … SPMD Kenshoo acquires PMD Adquant Kenshoo, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, announced today that it has acquired Facebook PMD Adquant, a leading SaaS platform that powers social campaigns for many top grossing apps. Since both Kenshoo and Adquant utilize an engineering-driven approach to innovation, the new partnership…

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    … with iCrossing’s data sources and systems. Both companies have been recognized for quality by Forrester, with iCrossing ranked as a leader in the Forrester Wave: Search Marketing Agencies Q4 2012 and Kenshoo named the “sole leader” in the Forrester Wave: Bid Management Software, Q4 2012 report. Mediabistro Course Starting October 13, Social Media 201…

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