• How publishers manage header bidding: Server-to-server vs. browser-based wrappers

      by John Donahue, Chief Product Officer, Sonobi For an imperfect technology, header bidding had a big year in 2016. Over 40 percent of the comScore 200 adopted header based technologies. When presented with an opportunity to drive incrementally higher yield by creating pressure on exchanges and traditional waterfall partners–publishers said “yes.

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    • The most treasured mobile marketing trends for 2017

      On average, American consumers download 2.3 apps every month. And yet, one in five of those apps are installed and then forgotten. In this white paper, we’ll discuss how to lure consumers in and then keep them engaged, all while monetizing your mobile app. You’ll learn: How adblocking and privacy concerns are really impacting mobil ...

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  • Teams, clients, and cash: How to manage the three pillars of agency life

    … When I launched this series I had a simple goal. I wanted to call bullshit on the idea that agency creatives don’t need to be business smart. We talked to agency founders to learn how they turned creative success into business, took on lazy industry advice, and learned the difference between having a vision and having actionable goals. To close…

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  • With omnichannel, you’re only as good as what you can measure

    … by Courtney McKlveen, vice president & industry lead, retail, travel and QSR, Yahoo What if you were measuring the return on a digital campaign and you missed 45 percent of all sales transactions? When we examined the performance of a leading brick-and-mortar retailer’s digital campaign that’s exactly what we found. This is just one example…

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  • ‘Focus on your business’: 5 new years resolutions from agency creative leaders

    … We’re deep into January. Have you abandoned your New Year’s resolution yet? We start off the year by making promises to ourselves about how we’re going to get better, eat more kale, take more steps, lose those Christmas pounds. Agency creative leaders are no different. Just like the rest of us, they like to kick off with a few resolutions…

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  • How Bauer Xcel’s programmatic-first strategy turns data into revenue

    … Patrick McCarthy, SVP, Product, AppNexus With the advent of programmatic technology, the experience of “going online” has changed considerably. That change is most evident in consumers’ expectations for the quality of content and advertising. Today’s publishers not only have to target the right audiences, but offer them an experience…

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  • Four native roles for brands to play in 2017

    … by Shaul Olmert, CEO, Playbuzz Today’s consumers don’t want to be advertised to. But they love their digital content, branded or not. It’s no surprise then that native advertising has become the cornerstone of many a savvy brand’s ad strategy, and why such ads are becoming more and more like the content their target audiences are already…

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  • The native ad cheat sheet: What works and why

    … Advertisers now have many options when it comes to native. According to the IAB’s Native Advertising Playbook, the six most commonly used native ad formats include in-feed units, paid search, recommendation widgets, promoted listings, in-ad with native elements and custom, which includes endemic in-feed. Each execution is designed to help…

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  • How anticipatory analytics would have saved the Death Star

    … by Rishi Dave, chief marketing officer, Dun & Bradstreet A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the universe was controlled by a powerful military force known as the Galactic Empire. During the group’s tyrannical reign of supremacy, it constructed a powerful weapon of mass destruction in the Death Star. Despite the perceived invincibility…

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  • Four ways publishers need to be digging deeper into revenue optimization

    … by Tim Sheets, VP of Monetization, OpenX With programmatic making up the lion’s share of many publishers’ digital revenue, it is even more important for publishers to dig deeper into yield optimizations. That means opening up a slew of programmatic opportunities for publishers to grab more ad dollars. By doing so, we have found that publishers…

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