• How controlling your recommendations system can drive sales growth

      Greg Cox, chief technology officer, Experticity. It’s impossible to open up a business publication today without reading something about the changing landscape of retail. First, the mom-and-pop shops disappeared, then established retail doors started closing, and now some big box staples are shutting down. There is nuance, of course.

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    • Is trading technology poised for a header bidding-style disruption?

      by Alex Chatfield, VP Sales & Account Management, AppNexus Over the past two years, AppNexus has written in these digital pages about the ways in which header bidding has transformed the publisher business model. We’ve discussed how this emerging technology enables publishers to work around Google’s closed and opaque auction system to earn the fairest prices for their inventory.

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    • The Podcast Payoff

      Welcome to The Podcast Payoff, our series on how marketers are taking advantage of the audio revolution. In the coming weeks we’ll roll out episodes that tackle how brand marketers are reaching new aud ...

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  • Malicious ads: Inside a programmatic breach

    … The spectrum of malvertising runs on an axis from irritation to destruction. At its more benign end are ads that bob and weave on screen, frustrating the users chasing them away. At its most malicious, ransomware deployments—think WannaCrys and Anglers—reach up from the dark web to block access to a computer’s operating system, trading a users…

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  • Don’t fight the format: Readers becoming viewers is an opportunity

    … by Zohar Dayan, Co-Founder and CEO, Wibbitz A “pivot” is often defined as a complete change to one’s business strategy. Even the most successful companies go through them; Instagram, for example, started as a check-in app, Burbn. Among employees, pivots often create alarm. Sparking questions like, will my role still exist? Or will my skills…

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  • Why social listening isn’t just for marketers anymore

    … by David Berkowitz, chief strategy officer, Sysomos It’s time for social listening to escape the confines of marketing departments. While the responsibility for managing social listening should lie with marketing or research managers, the applications for it are increasingly broad. Here are some of the questions social searching and listening…

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  • Data: The 4-letter word underpinning artificial intelligence

    … by Rishi Dave, Chief Marketing Officer, Dun & Bradstreet It’s 2017, and everywhere you turn artificial intelligence is being touted in some portentous- or potentially overhyped- way. AI is the future. So is the cloud. And SaaS. Plus DaaS. Throw in machine learning and you’ll change the world. But what is actually holding these tools together…

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  • Video: The recipe for people-based marketing success

    … Healthy Marketers cannot live on cookies alone. They need People-based Marketing to sustain healthy bottom lines. Here’s the recipe for success! The post Video: The recipe for people-based marketing success appeared first on Digiday…

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  • Combating fraud and poor quality must be on the front burner at Advertising Week

    … by John Murphy, Head of Marketplace Quality, OpenX When advertising leaders gather in New York City for Advertising Week later this month, the one issue topping every publisher and brand priority list must be the need for a transparent conversation about the technology challenges threatening the long-term health of their advertising businesses…

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  • The X Factor: What the new iPhone could do for mobile app and ad UX

    … Last week, Apple celebrated the iPhone’s 10th birthday by debuting its newest incarnation, the iPhone X. The X’s new edge-to-edge screen is a mobile developer’s dream: No longer is it a phone that can play media; it’s now definitively a media platform that happens to include a phone. In 2007, consumers vastly underutilized the iPhone’s…

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  • Sharing the mic: How user inspired content redefines influencer marketing

    … by Kevin Knight, CMO, Experticity Marketers are too focused on who’s behind the camera when they should be focused on who’s in front of the camera. User generated content is a good start to the problem marketers face with growing consumer distrust, which is why it’s become such a big part of current trends like influencer marketing. UGC is a bit…

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  • Switching gears: How Autotrader UK finished the race to GDPR ahead of the pack

    … road map. “ Those frequent check-ins have allowed Autotrader to assess its liabilities. But while partners like Google and The Media Trust were thinking ahead, others needed prodding to understand the legislation and its impact to digital operations. “There’s going to be a crunch time towards the end of the year, which doesn’t leave publishers…

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  • Guide: How to ‘Level Up’ your career in an AI-powered industry

    … Thanks to a combination of improved computing power, cheap data storage and an unprecedented availability of data from all corners, AI is poised to reshape our working world. Tasks like booking flights, answering frequently asked questions, monitoring social media feeds and tagging creative assets are likely to be turned over to AI, allowing…

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  • Programmatic’s next challenge: The need for more transparency

    … by Alex Chatfield, VP sales & account management, AppNexus At first glance, the future of programmatic advertising looks bright. Advertisers this year are set to spend a whopping $33 billion on the channel – nearly 80 percent of all display spending. But most of that money goes to private marketplaces and programmatic direct deals, suggesting…

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  • Augmented advertising: The new concept you need to know now

    … by Ken Weiner, chief technology officer, GumGum The most powerful new trend in advertising needs a name. You’ve doubtless seen it in action. The AI-driven special effects that are being used to embellish digital photos and videos, especially on social media platforms. The technology isn’t brand new, but it’s mostly been used by consumers…

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