• “AR is the new QR:” Lessons in interactive mobile

      People are always looking at mobile ads, but that doesn’t mean they’re seeing them. Without the widespread ability to track eyeballs—yet—advertisers are looking to add in interactive elements to their campaigns to make sure the $80 billion plus spent on mobile advertising is actually capturing people’s attention.

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    • Publishers want to know: What’s my inventory worth?

      by Ted Yu, leader product manager, OpenX As the programmatic advertising landscape continues to evolve with new technology and players, the fundamental question for publishers and app developers relying on ad-based revenue remains unchanged — what is the value of my advertising inventory? What has changed is the information and tools that are available to answer this question, depending on the .

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  • Video: 3 tips for kickstarting your people-based marketing

    … For a brand to fully embrace People-based Marketing requires a full convergence of a their marketing and advertising technology. According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by LiveIntent, Kickstart Your AdTech / Martech Convergence, 57% of companies queried are planning to be there within the next two years…

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  • Glossary: Get to know the new language of over-the-top television

    … Unfailingly, emerging technologies come with a new lexicon for the technology community to absorb. The internet brought us words we now take for granted – “World Wide Web,” “browser,” “search engine,” and “Google”. The smartphone introduced us to the “app,” the “app store,” and the world of “mobile gaming.” And programmatic advertising has…

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  • People-based TV ads are almost ready for prime time. Here’s why

    … It’s about time for TV ads to get… personal. That’s right, turn down the lights. Flip on your favorite show and enjoy some ads hand-picked just for you. Or, at least, for the person whose email address is linked to the cable subscription. Addressable TV now reaches 42 percent of American households. And it’s projected to reach 74 percent…

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  • Beyond real-time: How location based marketers look to the past to predict the future

    … The iPhone–which is turning ten this month– transformed the way people communicate, shop, and travel. It also transformed the way marketers reach their ideal audiences. For the first time, they could use the smartphone’s location data to find out where consumers were—and buy impressions accordingly. Today, advertisers continue to use real-time…

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  • Why publishers need to protect their reputations in the age of server-to-server

    … by John Murphy, VP of marketplace quality, OpenX Most publishers are well aware of the benefits that can come from implementing header bidding and server-to-server containers. But what they might not know is that these increasingly popular monetization tools have ushered in a new threat to inventory quality. By flooding DSPs with duplicate bid…

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  • Why brand safety isn’t a one-click fix

    … by Tyler Hampton, director of product marketing, Amobee Ad context is a hot topic in the ad industry. Just ask The New York Times, which used a brand-safe message to entice advertisers at this year’s NewFronts. No one wants their brand to appear beside a potentially offensive video or piece of content, so it’s no surprise that 62 percent…

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  • How publishers can stop leaving money on the table with content licensing

    … by Brian Kolb, COO Wright’s Media As a publisher, your brand has real monetary value. Sponsors are prepared to pay for it, and without content licensing your publication, and your bottom line, may be missing out. Consider Business Travel News, a business-to-business publisher covering corporate and managed travel. BTN has worked with us for over…

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  • How to save programmatic native from itself

    … by Justin Choi, CEO and Founder, Nativo In the first installment of this three-part series, I argued that programmatic has become problematic. As things stand today, it’s arguably failing to serve the long-term interests of publishers, advertisers, or consumers. The “reach at all cost” philosophy of programmatic buying is exacerbating many long…

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  • What’s stopping marketers from embracing people-based marketing?

    … A new report produced by Forrester and commissioned by LiveIntent entitled Kickstart Your AdTech / Martech Convergence has revealed what’s getting in the way of marketers converging their advertising and marketing technology and going full people-based: themselves. According to the report, 42 percent of marketers say the biggest hurdle…

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