• The native ad cheat sheet: What works and why

    … Advertisers now have many options when it comes to native. According to the IAB’s Native Advertising Playbook, the six most commonly used native ad formats include in-feed units, paid search, recommendation widgets, promoted listings, in-ad with native elements and custom, which includes endemic in-feed. Each execution is designed to help…

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  • How anticipatory analytics would have saved the Death Star

    … by Rishi Dave, chief marketing officer, Dun & Bradstreet A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the universe was controlled by a powerful military force known as the Galactic Empire. During the group’s tyrannical reign of supremacy, it constructed a powerful weapon of mass destruction in the Death Star. Despite the perceived invincibility…

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  • Four ways publishers need to be digging deeper into revenue optimization

    … by Tim Sheets, VP of Monetization, OpenX With programmatic making up the lion’s share of many publishers’ digital revenue, it is even more important for publishers to dig deeper into yield optimizations. That means opening up a slew of programmatic opportunities for publishers to grab more ad dollars. By doing so, we have found that publishers…

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  • Vertical first: How brands should actually be making mobile video

    … Creating video for mobile used to be an exercise in repurposing horizontal video for vertical platforms. Now, with mobile as the first screen for most viewers, the logical next step is for brands to create videos expressly for the smallest screen. So why isn’t making videos for mobile as simple as taking a 16:9 horizontal video and sandwiching…

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  • How MeetMe is growing its audience while growing its revenue

    … Tim DuBois, Director, Mobile Platform Partnerships, AppNexus Today’s marketplace is not short on social discovery apps, as a growing number of wedding announcements detail the right swipes and chat conversations that lead to face-to-face meetings. But not all apps are created equal, nor are their monetization strategies – the element most…

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  • The political data game: How first-party data shaped the 2016 election

    Tomorrow Americans will vote in an historic presidential election featuring two of the most unconventional candidates ever to grace the national stage. If you strip away the surface you’ll find that the war wasn’t fought with rallies, stump speeches, or clever tweets. It was fought with data. Campaigns in 2016 featured the most sophisticated data operation in electoral history.

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  • Lost in translation: The journalist’s guide to agency speak

    … As industry gurus are fond of saying, everything is content. Branded content shops are popping up everywhere to ensure that the web is in no short supply, and more and more journalists make the transition from fact-finders to “storytellers” everyday. But once they’ve settled down at their new desks and start listening to the agency buzz around…

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  • For holiday marketers, the best gift of all is engagement

    … by John Snyder, CEO, Grapeshot What are your plans for the holidays? Are you going with the full Clark Griswold experience or something more sedate? What about gift buying? Do you see Black Friday as chance to show your strategic retail prowess or an unnecessary hoopla? These days good old Clark is more likely to do his gift buying online rather…

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  • The new programmatic arsenal: How Turner, The Economist are beefing up their approach

    … Premium publishers and broadcasters have been long aware that programmatic sales is an integral part of their ad strategy. Turner, for instance, has been more heavily focused on aligning its direct and programmatic sales teams “over the last eight or nine months,” said Nick Johnson, senior vice president of digital ad sales strategy for Turner Ad…

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  • With programmatic partners, two’s company, but when is it a crowd?

    … Dear PulsePoint, I thought my new partner could give me everything I needed. I was naive. Sure, it was great at supplying me with basic display, and it even opened my eyes to mobile. But while that was fine for a time, it got old. I felt unfulfilled. I started noticing gaps in how it met my needs: Where was the video? Where was the native…

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  • How MTVNews, Refinery29, Elite Daily and Thrillist move at the speed of social video

    … The demand for short-form video distributed over myriad platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine—has lit a fire even under the ecosystem’s fastest digital producers: publishers. How fast are they? MTVNews’ team turns out anywhere from five to 12 social videos a day, according to Rachel Zarrell, manager of social video for MTV News. To keep…

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  • The good, the bad and the bro-bots of ad tech

    … Great advertising isn’t possible without great ad tech. At the end of the day, media is technology. The best ideas and communications only thrive when they are delivered to the right person, in the right context, at the right time. That’s why it’s ironic that most ad tech companies aren’t great marketers. Too often, ad technology developers come…

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