• How the Washington Post and CNN are measuring branded content success

      When it comes to native content, how are brands measuring their success? If it’s in terms of page views, they’re a step – or several – behind. Branded content studios and their brand partners have shifted focus to analytics that they believe are more accurate in determining whether native content campaigns have met their goals.

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    • ‘Ad tech companies need to do more’: One ad tech executive on tech and creativity

      The Digiday Awards Europe finalists — announced last week — demonstrate just how much tech has influenced every aspect of media and marketing. Dale Lovell, chief digital officer for native advertising solution Adyoulike and Digiday Awards Europe judge, shared his views on how technology has changed the creative process in marketing, why ad tech has to make its case as a creati ...

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  • The good, the bad and the bro-bots of ad tech

    … Great advertising isn’t possible without great ad tech. At the end of the day, media is technology. The best ideas and communications only thrive when they are delivered to the right person, in the right context, at the right time. That’s why it’s ironic that most ad tech companies aren’t great marketers. Too often, ad technology developers come…

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  • Reality check: Attribution hardships are no excuse to avoid mobile

    … Written by Andy Pocock, svp of strategic business development. Here’s a simple credo for successful media planners: Follow the eyeballs. Yet as those eyeballs shift their gaze to mobile devices – like phones and tablets – media dollars have lagged behind. It used to be creative that held agencies back. But as the industry moved from Flash…

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  • Agencies on the creative process: “I can’t believe we’re still doing it this way.”

    … It’s 2016, and the tools of distribution reflect our highly digital, data-rich reality. Marketing automation tools allow us to easily reach hundreds of segments with the appropriate content, and social automation tools help us stay on top of an ever-increasing number of social channels requiring multiple posts per day. Unfortunately, the creative…

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  • How Kik is using chatbots to monetize mobile messaging

    … Pat McCarthy, SVP Product Management, Publisher Technology Group, AppNexus There is no question that advertising is the heart of most Internet companies, digital publishers, and apps. In the absence of quality advertising, great journalism, music, film, games and culture will either disappear behind a paywall–thus making the Internet closed…

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  • From OTT platforms to publishers: Here’s how to make money

    … Bringing advertisers to OTT platforms hasn’t been historically easy. “From the beginning…there really wasn’t a lot of demand from the buyer side,” said Kenna Ranson, the director of ad products and revenue at the anime focused Crunchyroll, which has been in the OTT space for an impressive 10 years. That long ago, TV was still the only real…

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  • First-party data will fuel the final frontier of digital marketing

    … Jordan Cohen, CMO, Fluent We’re drowning in data. Ad tech scrapes up the tiny particles of information that digital consumers leave behind, then assembles them into an approximate picture of a person. But why bother using probabilistic data, making assumptions about the consumer when you can just ask them? Self-declared data has been undervalued…

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  • Why brand safety means more than just a blacklist

    … Dear PulsePoint, I was so excited to see my financial brand’s ads front and center on the Wall Street Journal, but when I woke up this morning, I found them running next to coverage of Senator Warren’s recent excoriation of a top bank chief. I thought that by blacklisting the bad actors, I’d be in the clear. But now audiences are getting…

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  • The express guide to in-image ads: Publisher edition

    … Consumers may have tuned out banner ads and 300×250 sidebar units, but they’re laser-focused on carefully curated image embeds from their favorite publishers. Editorial teams are working overtime to create and curate quality images to accompany their text posts. The problem for advertisers and editors alike? How to capture the eyes that have…

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  • The programmatic TV guide: fall preview

    … The new fall TV season is upon us and if upfronts were any indication, this year’s line-up will feature more than just the usual array of short-lived flops and returning faves. The 2016-2017 network television season will also feature more programmatically sold ad inventory than any broadcast season before. This year’s upfronts–the traditional…

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  • How creatives can learn to stop worrying and love data

    … Written by Monika Belur, head of product marketing, Flashtalking. Despite the industry’s move to data-driven marketing, the D word still rankles in some circles. Yet the enlightened know that, if done well, programmatic creative can showcase advertising at its cleverest. More than that, it’s crucial to future-proofing your playbook. “Real…

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