• What Makes People-Based Marketing People-Based?

    … eMarketer estimates that roughly 60% of all digital ad revenue in 2017 will go to Google and Facebook. This is thanks in large part to their ability to provide marketers with people-based marketing solutions at scale. People-based marketing is the ability to reach real people with one-to-one messaging in mass media channels, irrespective…

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  • Mind-numbing metrics: How algorithms help marketers get back to being creative

    by Jonathan Gardner, VP communications, Turn It often seems like marketers don’t have much time to actually market. Especially when most hours in the day are spent manually measuring mind-numbing metrics like viewability, completion and other important video KPIs. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for the creative or gratifying parts of the job.

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  • From smart bracelets to movies: FamilyShare goes all in on sponsored content play

    … by Saul Leal, director of strategic brand partnerships, FamilyShare According to Business Insider Intelligence, sponsored content will be the fastest-growing native format driving digital ad growth over the next five years. The continued rise of mobile and social will fuel this transition. Unfortunately, native advertising’s “bespoke” nature…

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  • Everything is branding: The expanding influence of the CMO

    … by Alicia Hatch, CMO of Deloitte Digital Every marketer knows that customer-centric companies are winning in our digital world. If you’re uncertain by how much, take a look at a few numbers: According to Forbes, customers who have the best past experiences spend 140 percent more compared to those who have the poorest past experiences. A Forrester…

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  • How auto brands are connecting with customers on mobile

    … Over 52 percent of all internet activity now takes place on mobile, with nearly 90 percent of that time passing in apps alone. By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72 percent of all US digital ad spending. Leading brands know this and prioritize the power of mobile-first connections with their audiences. Brands that don’t will miss out…

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  • Question of the day: Platforms, friend or foe?

    … The role of platforms was a major topic for attendees at Digiday’s publishing summit in Vail. The relationship between publishers and major traffic drivers like Facebook and Google has never been more important so we sat down with a few publishers to ask them one single question about today’s biggest platforms: Friend or foe? Find out what…

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  • Question of the Day: Is autoplay video’s cardinal sin?

    … Advertisers and publishers are hungry for views and autoplay video can deliver them, but is it really wise for publishers to confront their audience with sight, sound, and motion at every turn? We sat down with Freddie Godfrey, director of content syndication at Newsy, to talk about the much maligned format. His advice? Publishers should let user…

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  • Question of the Day: Are there too many metrics?

    … Are there too many metrics? Brands may want to see every detail, but agencies with their varied priorities often need a sherpa to guide them through the treacherous peaks and passes of media metrics. We sat down with Samantha Skey, CRO of SheKnows, at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail, Colorado for a fireside chat about how publishers can…

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  • How Fox Sports uses automation to turn their editorial team into video pros

    … Mike Foss joined Fox Sports in 2015 with clear marching orders. The network had a thriving broadcast audience, but its digital presence wasn’t living up to the network’s high bar. Foss, fresh from a stint launching USA Today’s viral sports vertical, “For The Win,” was tasked with developing Fox’s viral chops. With command of a team of 40 writers…

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  • Publishers still need to learn how to use their audience data

    … by Sachin Kamdar, CEO, Parse.ly Those who work in digital publishing are always thinking about what’s next, and back in 2012, that was data. When Parse.ly launched that year, I wrote in Mediashift, “It will become common practice to ‘interview the data’ when designing an editorial calendar, or selecting featured articles and posts for the near…

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  • The Difference Between AdTech and MarTech

    … The Wall Street Journal recently reported that venture capitalists see greater value in marketing technology (or MarTech) than advertising technology (or AdTech), simplifying the difference down to a matter of billing structure. AdTech tends to follow a “media-based” business model, whereas MarTech relies on “subscription-based” model. Media buys…

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