• How AI will transform every job in media, not just the ones you expect

      Artificial intelligence has been part of the zeitgeist for decades. But now that the technology is moving into the media and marketing mainstream, industry professionals may wonder if they’re about to be phased out by an army of machines. At least that’s been the fait accompli. An upcoming study on how the industry is incorporating artificial intelligence, says the new technol ...

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    • How mobile-data is changing healthcare marketing

      The revolution of healthcare Healthcare has traditionally relied on face-to-face appointments or long-awaited phone calls to discuss everything from test results, concerns, and follow-ups to medication, exams and treatments with a physician. But today’s patients have more control over their own health decisions than ever before thanks to the accessibility of mobile.

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    • Disconnecting from display: Mobile apps need tailored quality solutions

      by Maggie Mesa, vice president of mobile, OpenX For all that publishers have done to tailor their advertising game plans for mobile apps, it’s shocking that many of them are still combatting in-app inventory quality issues with the same strategies they use in desktop advertising. Though brand safety, viewability and fraud are problematic for both desktop and mobile publishers ...

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  • Your mom’s a gamer: 5 things we learned at Tremor Video’s Gaming Summit

    … You know this guy. The scruffy, male, Mountain Dew-powered ne’re-do-well playing Halo from dawn (okay, noon) ‘til dusk. But what if you didn’t know this guy. Maybe he’s not in a basement. Maybe he’s not even a guy. And maybe he (or she) is sitting on a six-figure salary playing Candy Crush on his way to a job in the Financial District. The gamers…

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  • Has your business already violated the world’s strictest anti-spam law?

    … The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is one of the toughest electronic messaging laws in the world. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the law’s main enforcement body, can fine businesses up to $10 million per violation. Several businesses and even one individual have already been fined for failure…

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  • EU Publishers: Clean up your cookies or get burned by GDPR

    … The ticking clock on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) website is a stark warning for digital publishers behind on preparations for the EU’s massive expansion of data privacy rules. The GDPR is coming, and soon. Europe’s privacy laws are tightening even further, potentially limiting the data that publishers can collect and the ways…

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  • Podcast: Billboard’s Shira Brown on premium video and Snapchat for grown-ups

    … On this episode of the Visionaries Podcast, we sat down with Shira Brown, head of video partnerships for Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter. We talked about how publishers are handling the Facebook/Google duopoly, how established brands can navigate Snapchat, the power of premium video to drive engagement for two iconic trades. The post…

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