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  • Is Display Advertising Really in Trouble?

    … for Publishers? According to HubSpot’s “Digital Publishing Benchmarks Report”, the majority of publishers expect the value of display advertising (from a revenue perspective) to increase in the next six months. There are two other important trends to note, too. Sponsored content and native advertising are widely predicted to increase in value alongside…

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  • Sponsored Content Fails: Paid Posts That Hurt

    Published 1 min ago 27 Crafting great journalism is hard. Not only do you need an important story to tell, a smart journalist has to figure out how to get the facts, arrange them into a meaningful narrative, write it up smartly, and then get it in front of the public. In contrast, most sponsored content or native advertising should be considerably easier to make.

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  • 5 Reasons to Use Storytelling in Sponsored Content

    … for reassurance and getting to the root of answers to real life problems.” 2. Storytelling Engages the Audience Deborah Anderson from Social Web Cafe makes the following points on engagement through storytelling: It really doesn’t matter what topic the story is related to, as long as it grabs the reader in the first sentence or two and continues…

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  • Demystifying Native Ads

    … Articles What it is: Sponsored articles are custom content or user experiences negotiated with a publisher and sold with guaranteed placement. These articles show up on the site in a similar format to all other content from the publisher and are typically written either by the publisher or in conjunction with the sponsoring brand. How to spot…

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