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    • Machine learning is marketing’s future

      When you hear “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning,” what comes to mind? A complicated technology that demands deep domain experience or a degree to use? This was once the way technology worked; only a select few had access. But innovation has a funny way of changing things. What might seem out of reach today can become widely accessible tomorrow — just look at the ...

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    • What is brand marketing?

      There is a lot of confusion around brand. It’s one of those words widely used but not widely understood. Is it just a logo, a color palette and a trendy sans serif font? Or is it bringing clarity to your offering and perception in the market? Just what is brand marketing? And can it be measured? What brand marketing is not is slapping your name and logo everywhere with the h ...

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    • What is customer marketing?

      B2B marketers are focusing more and more on making sure their customers are successful after they’ve signed the contract and started using your product or service. This renewed attention helps in a couple of ways. First, successful customers are happy customers, and they are more likely to renew with you.

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  • How Neighborhood Information Solves the Local Data Problem

    … How Neighborhood Information Solves the Local Data Problem March 13, 2017 by Sponsor Leave a Comment Filed Under: Sponsored Content Neighborhoods play an essential role in people’s daily experiences. People seek out neighborhoods where they feel a sense of shared identity, and neighborhoods shape the kinds of businesses that thrive there. Yet…

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  • 5 A/B testing resolutions you should embrace in 2017

    …, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” So, don’t regret the time and traffic you lost — start now and let A/B testing bring you plentiful conversions in 2017! About The Author Zarget is an 'all-in-one' conversion rate optimization software. It offers a suite of analytics tools that help observe, track…

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  • Brand Newsroom 126: The “By the way, I was paid to say this” Episode

    … and advertising deals and why it’s important to disclose them. Here are some key take-outs: Traditional media has always had to acknowledge when content is sponsored. This is clearly the regulators trying to catch up. Don’t social media users already innately understand product placement? “What concerns me here is someone is trying to over-regulate…

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  • How LinkedIn Markets on LinkedIn (Infographic)

    …: LinkedIn A/B tested a sponsored content post–one that included a statistic, and one that did not. The post with the statistic saw a 37 percent higher click-through rate and received 162 percent more impressions. Using a dynamic macro to pull a member’s name in the greeting, LinkedIn sent personal InMail messages to raise awareness about a blog and received 1,240 blog subscriptions (6 percent of total conversions). When LinkedIn addressed its audience directly vs. indirectly, it saw a 185 percent higher engagement rate.…

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  • Sponsored Content: Using Your Website as a Customer Engagement Tool

    … This post is the third in a new sponsored series from Vivial. Customer engagement is all the rage. As behavior and preferences are shifting, the marketing world is recognizing that today’s consumer is not interested in a sales pitch. Instead, today’s consumer wants personalization, useful information and content that helps make a connection…

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  • Sponsored Post: 5 Digital Marketing Trends for the New Year

    … This post is the second in a new sponsored series from Vivial. 2016 was a big year in digital marketing. Mobile use continued to grow. We now have more data about what types of customers are using what platforms, and when. Social and mobile messaging apps offered new and different ways for businesses to reach customers. And search engine…

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  • Predictions 2017: Attribution is Next

    … This post kicks off our annual Predictions series, underwritten this year by Freckle IoT, a first-party data company that solves in-store attribution for brands and agencies. This post offers a preview of Freckle IoT’s plans for 2017. Catch up with all the 2017 forecasts here. By the end of 2016, annual digital ad spending will exceed $72…

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  • 4 Ways to Dust Off Your Website and Use It to Engage with Customers

    … content and having the time and staff to devote to keeping the website updated are other challenges business owners frequently point out as barriers to building and maintaining a website. But it shouldn’t be this way. Websites are still a foundational marketing element for businesses of all sizes—especially small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs…

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  • Revealing the marketing agenda for 2017

    … The year 2016 has been an exciting one for marketers. Technology continues to infiltrate the industry to offer new and more efficient ways of getting in front of customers. Social sharing platforms like Instagram have implemented click-to-purchase buttons, Alexa and Cortana became a household names, and Snapchat Spectacles are the talk…

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  • ‘Tis the season to optimize search bidding

    … If you manage paid search marketing and your business is retail, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas probably don’t give you much time for sober reflection. Retail is intensely seasonal, and that is as true online as it is in stores. Search engine marketers generally understand the pattern, but they vary widely in how they choose…

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  • Infographic: The Fight for Leads

    … Infographic: The Fight for Leads December 1, 2016 by CallRail Leave a Comment Filed Under: Sponsored Content This is the final entry in the “Fight for Leads,” a series focused on lead-generation tactics in four key industry verticals: healthcare, automotive, legal and marketing agencies. Sponsored by CallRail. In the battle to find…

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  • The truth about channel marketing: everything you have been told is wrong

    … There is no more powerful concept in go-to-market strategy than the channel. The idea of hundreds or thousands of independent partners passionately selling your products is a wildly attractive concept. But longstanding challenges with messaging, funds utilization and performance management have complicated this lucrative way to get your…

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