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    • LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Now Available on Self-Serve Basis via Campaign Manager

      LinkedIn announced Wednesday that Sponsored InMail is now available to all advertisers via its Campaign Manager. Sponsored InMail joins Sponsored Content and text ads as self-serve advertising products that can be created via Campaign Manager. Product manager Vasudha Mithal said in a blog post that Sponsored InMail enables advertisers to engage their target audiences “in a pe ...

      David Cohen/ Inside Facebook- 17 readers -
    • Technical SEO checklist: 7 essential tips to implement now for 2017

      In 2016, there’s been a lot of speculation on the value of technical SEO. It was called makeup; some of it was proclaimed dead; but ultimately, it was brought back to life gracefully and conclusively with outstanding examples of technical SEO tactics resulting in major traffic boosts. So why are opinions on this seemingly uncontroversial topic so divided? The problem may lie ...

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  • Infographic: The Fight for Leads

    … Infographic: The Fight for Leads December 1, 2016 by CallRail Leave a Comment Filed Under: Sponsored Content This is the final entry in the “Fight for Leads,” a series focused on lead-generation tactics in four key industry verticals: healthcare, automotive, legal and marketing agencies. Sponsored by CallRail. In the battle to find…

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  • The truth about channel marketing: everything you have been told is wrong

    There is no more powerful concept in go-to-market strategy than the channel. The idea of hundreds or thousands of independent partners passionately selling your products is a wildly attractive concept. But longstanding challenges with messaging, funds utilization and performance management have complicated this lucrative way to get your products in the hands of potential cu ...

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  • The death of mobile pop-ups and what you can do instead

    … can you use instead of mobile interstitials? We all understand that calls to action are a normal part of marketing and are instrumental to on-site conversions. Users expect them in some form or another when consuming content. So how can you promote engagement within your content, without resorting to annoying (and soon-to-be rank harming) pop-ups…

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  • Native advertising, the new marketing workhorse

    … with a sponsored article that provides them with relevant new information than with a traditional banner ad, and they are more likely to share it with friends. Website publishers can customize ad widgets on their site so the ads blend in seamlessly with their regular content. This increases CTR for advertisers — driving as much as purchase intent…

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  • Community Marketing 101

    Since the dawn of the internet, people have been drawn to online communities for collaborating and advancing knowledge. Discussions that previously took place in the depths of Usenet are now emerging on Reddit. In a matter of seconds, you can find massive online communities dedicated to everything from astrophysics to Zen.

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  • Are you optimizing your off-site content?

    … In our last post, we looked at how to measure the true performance of your content, both on-site and off-site, through the tracking of engagement. Today, we want to discuss how to improve the discoverability of your off-site content in search, so it can be found in the first place. When marketers think of SEO, their initial thoughts probably…

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  • Can company structure spawn cannibalization? Most definitely.

    … With so many business structure possibilities, it can be particularly complicated to consolidate content across departments, especially if it’s created in isolation. Internal structure can therefore dictate content efficiency, and decentralized structures can, in turn, spawn duplicate, overlapping or conflicting content. What is cannibalization…

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  • Understanding FTC guidelines for influencer marketing

    … The FTC is cracking down on brands that aren’t following the rules and regulations for influencer marketing. Where they are and aren’t enforcing these rules, though, has left many confused. To help with your influencer marketing planning, we’ve outlined what you need to do in order to keep your brand compliant with the FTC Guidelines. Include…

    Search Engine Watch- 13 readers -
  • This Holiday Season, Brands Need to Pay Special Attention to Data Details

    … and accuracy before syndicating and claiming locations across the local ecosystem. The new product links the most powerful data insights with a special attention to detail that catches mistakes that sometimes only the human eye can see. “You get full visibility about how your consumer came across your website,” Zalavadia says. “You’ll see the top…

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  • The Fight for Leads: Lawyers Go After Clients

    … This post is the fourth in the “Fight for Leads,” a series focused on lead-generation tactics in four key industry verticals: healthcare, automotive, legal and marketing agencies. Sponsored by CallRail. Large billboards and 30-second TV spots just aren’t cutting it for law practices anymore. Successful firms are now deploying more sophisticated…

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  • Are you still bidding like it’s 2007?

    … Generating keywords that effectively identify search engine users as likely prospects for a successful campaign is a deeply intuitive process. And with large campaigns incorporating thousands or even millions of keywords, managing keywords can be a full-time preoccupation. For all the sophistication that search engine marketing (SEM) demands…

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  • The Importance of Location in Today’s Innovation Dialogue

    … The Importance of Location in Today’s Innovation Dialogue October 24, 2016 by Sponsor Leave a Comment Filed Under: #SFSNYC, Sponsored Content The following is a sponsored post contributed by xAd. On October 25th, dozens of top marketers and thought leaders will descend upon Tribeca. Their forum? Street Fight Summit 2016. Their goal…

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