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  • Snapchat: Still Growing Strong (Infographic)

    … In its early days, Snapchat seemed to falter, with an unsuccessful attempt at original content creation and security problems. However, by 2015, the messaging application was dubbed the fastest-growing social network ever. Not only did growth remain steady throughout 2016, Snapchat seems to be generating substantial revenue. An infographic from…

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  • The Most Important Thing in Marketing Isn’t VR or AI

    … have largely been solved, TV is stuck in the past. Panels and surveys are the de facto measurement tactics: Did you know that Nielsen Families still exist and, at least in some cases, still uses paper journals? (Side note: Can you imagine if digital measurement worked the way TV does? Where a random selection of consumers had to self-report…

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  • Stand Out by Blending In: Making Native Advertising Work on Mobile

    … robust because of location-targeting technology, mobile data technology and app-provided data. Finally, there are newer, more interactive native advertising solutions, such as Snapchat’s sponsored filters, Facebook’s News Feed and value-exchange experiences. These units are opt-in, non-interruptive and immersive. The data shows that we can move…

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