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  • Who are my customers? What the machine can learn on its own

    … By Melinda Han Williams, VP of data science and analytics, Dstillery In digital marketing, every brand wants to identify the best new customers at the right time on the right screen. But it’s not enough to identify a good versus a bad prospect, nor is it even enough to just understand the characteristics of a good prospect. To truly design…

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  • Mobile viewability is here. Marketers, are you ready?

    … Meridith Miller, head of commercial partnerships, MoPub Every year is the year of “the next big thing” in ad tech, and for in-app viewability, 2017 was the year. In the past 12 months, measurement providers released accredited SDK support, open-source coalitions were instituted, global brands took a stand, and mobile publishers have since…

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  • How to Uncover Micro-influencers on Instagram for Your Brand

    … Brands are always seeking new ways to promote themselves and with the rapid growth of social media, there are more and more opportunities appearing each day - especially when it comes to influencer marketing on Instagram. Influencer marketing is simply the promotion of services and products through people with a large number of followers…

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  • Cutting the cord: the future of connected TV

    … By Eric Hoffert, SVP video technology, AppNexus As millions of users are cutting their cords and shifting to viewing television without a cable or satellite TV subscription, questions are now emerging about the fundamental nature of TV content, including how to monetize it — and how consumers view it. Will Netflix-style subscription-based…

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  • Stayin’ alive: a new innovation that’s giving us programmatic fever

    … By Dave Oliveira, COO, TruSignal Data is a lifeline in today’s age of digital disruption. Brands that don’t use data to innovate often struggle to survive. And for those who aren’t keen to this warning, consider one question: When is the last time you visited a Blockbuster? You know the story. Blockbuster had a time-tested business model, fixed…

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  • Looking Ahead: How Refinery 29, Electus, and Crispin Porter + Bogusky envision their brands

    … is to be looking forward, keeping an eye on the horizon of innovation and creativity. This is the quality that category sponsor GumGum aimed to honor by recognizing Refinery29, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, and Electus as finalists for the GumGum Visionary Award at the 2017 Digiday Awards, have in common. Through their distinctive campaigns, each brand…

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  • Six key steps toward building trust in programmatic advertising

    … By John Murphy, Head of Marketplace Quality, OpenX Programmatic advertising is a $45 billion industry, and it’s poised to become the primary way in which a majority of all advertising is globally traded. However, as a recent CMO Council report found, seven in ten CMOs still have significant trust concerns about the quality of programmatic…

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  • Niche or reach: the power of influencer marketing

    … by Bijal Shah, corporate marketing director, Digital Remedy Marketing isn’t just for the big dogs anymore. The introduction of new, accessible channels in the last decade have revolutionized the industry — TV replaced by video ads, e-mail taking over direct mail, and influencers overpowering celebrity endorsements. Every business, no matter how…

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  • Why marketers are the ones who will fix the digital ad fraud problem

    … digital media sellers acquire visitors through third parties. Some of those activities are legitimate, such as a sponsored post on social media. Some however are not, like when a publisher pays a traffic supplier for a fixed number of visits to their website. Traffic sellers often promise the publisher that the traffic offered is human and will pass…

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