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  • Advocacy marketing: the evolution of influencer marketing

    …. While retail associates are the obvious potential advocates for a brand to empower, there’s another group of people who are equally important. These are the passionate experts who may not be a sponsored athlete or an industry professional, but their passion, experience and knowledge set them apart. Their circle of friends, family, and colleagues know…

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  • Navigating mobile with location data and measurement

    … For consumers everywhere, mobile is taking precedence over desktop. To publishers, this means moving beyond the basics to identify all the new audience data points that can now provide added value to their advertisers. We asked 369 publishers to see how they’ve adapted to mobile-first strategies and how they’re using location-based data…

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  • Sounds of progress: The future of social listening

    … by David Berkowitz, chief strategy officer, Sysomos Social listening has evolved tremendously over the past decade — and the next couple of years seem poised to present even more massive technological breakthroughs in the industry. In particular, marketers should keep an eye on these three areas — visual search, artificial intelligence…

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  • Meet the pioneers advancing the frontier of people-based marketing

    … Every new frontier demands pioneers willing to stake their claim and through hard work, manifest the potential of an uncharted territory. Without them, we’d never build cities, discover oil, or strike gold. That’s why LiveRamp opted to recognize those marketers who have pioneered the emerging discipline of people-based marketing at this year’s…

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  • Ad ops anonymous: Video revenue challenges publishers face behind closed doors

    … As the now ubiquitous pivots to video keep coming, publishers’ ad ops teams seeking to maximize their video revenue continue to come up against problems that many feel should be long solved. In the video advertising trenches, sources pointed to issues like uncooperative vendor technologies and inaccurate revenue reporting that bog down otherwise…

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  • Co-Produced: Condé Nast and Reynolds Brands make Cooking Magic

    … Welcome to Co-Produced, the podcast about the many hands that make cool ideas, and how they come together. In conjunction with the 2017 Digiday Awards, this four part series will bring together creatives, brand marketers, and account professionals to reveal the central role of creative collaboration in building some of this year’s most impressive…

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  • For healthcare marketers, combating compassion fatigue is critical

    … by Kirsty Whelan, VP, Healthcare Strategy, Imre In 2017, we reached a milestone – more than half of the world’s population became connected to the internet. That connectivity can be a powerful tool – improving access to global information, promoting positive local and regional economic outcomes, supporting educational initiatives and most…

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  • Video: What scares marketers?

    … This week, Nick’s disembodied floating head tells you what’s scaring Marketers this Halloween! The post Video: What scares marketers? appeared first on Digiday…

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