A spreadsheet is an interactive computer application program for organization and analysis of data in tabular form. Spreadsheets developed as computerized simulations of paper accounting worksheets. The program operates on data represented as cells of an array, organized in rows and columns. Each cell of the array is a model–view–controller element that can contain either numeric or text data, or the results of formulas that automatically calculate and display a value based on the contents of other cells.The user of the spreadsheet can make changes in any stored value and observe the effects on calculated values.
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  • Up Your Content Game With Engaging Infographics

    …, their level of engagement, and reach, and other useful stats.Social interaction (shares and comments): Use a social media management tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer to track tweets, retweets, and mentions on Twitter and share posts on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.Inbound links from high-traffic sites/reblogs: Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools…

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  • How to Double Your Traffic from Pinterest in 30 Days

    … the holiday season and into the start of 2015 that traffic has continued to trend upwards. Even after going through this experiment, if I go back and follow the same steps with more of the existing content on my blog (now that I know this approach can work) I should see even better results. One thing that is key about this approach is that I didn’t…

    Marc Andre/ ProfitBlitzin Social Twitter How To's- 45 readers -
  • SEO and PR Collaboration with BuzzSumo

    … to find mentions of their SMEs and their brand. You can use BuzzSumo to help automate this process by setting up content alerts. When you set up your alerts, try to build your query in the most precise way possible. Your alert query should look something like this: “John Mann, PhD” AND “Hospital Name” OR “Dana Feng, PhD” AND “Hospital Name” OR “Dr…

    SEER Interactivein SEO- 26 readers -
  • 3 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your AdWords Scripts

    … to FreeAdWordsScripts.com and search for one you like. Formatting Spreadsheet is by far the easiest way to tweak the information a script provides and customize to make it easier to read and understand. Moving cells, colors, alignment, see metric totals, and general naming of cells, its all possible with these simple edits. 1) Script Formatting Moving…

    Jeremy Page/ PPC Heroin Paid Search- 12 readers -
  • Creating Your 2015 Editorial Content Calendar

    … drive. The calendar, created and managed in a spreadsheet, can take on a variety of shapes and sizes. The best editorial calendar organizes a content marketing strategy a year in advance, with every content piece that the organization intends to publish planned two or three months ahead. It will include not only the date of launch, but the steps…

    Arnie Kuenn/ Relevancein Social SEO Content- 39 readers -
  • The Sneaky Way to Create Products that Sell Like Crazy… from Day One

    … not understanding how it works. When the product launches several months later, he wonders why very few of his audience want to buy it. Do you see the problem here? The blogger went ahead and created his product based purely on his own idea, rather than identifying a real need. In other words, he created his product based on an untested assumption…

    Danny Iny/ Boost Blog Traffic- 27 readers -
  • 5 Easy Ways to Customize AdWords Scripts

    …. Be sure to add your variable name to Keys and Rows, then add another “True” in Wraps. In my next post I’ll discuss how to manipulate the spreadsheet when adding metrics. Note: other Javascript objects such as .toFixed( ) are incredibly useful when you want to fix a number to a specific decimal place. e.g. .toFixed(4) * 100. However, these…

    Jeremy Page/ PPC Heroin Paid Search- 15 readers -
  • 10 IFTTT Recipes to Make You a Better Marketer

    …, then add to a spreadsheet on Google Drive. This is one I heard about from Seer Interactive here, but I think it’s a great one for keeping tabs on your competition and seeing where they are mentioned in the news. If you sign up for a Newsle.com account, you will get emails that report when your LinkedIn contacts are mentioned in the news. Those big…

    Amanda Disilvestro/ Search Engine Journalin Social SEO- 22 readers -
  • Quick and Easy: Embeddable Highcharts Code Generator

    … or Bar Charts. Wonderful! It doesn’t really matter what CMS you’re using, provided you can edit the HTML source of your posts, this tool will work for you. Here’s one in action: Show me how! Generating a simple Highchart is easy. To do so, you’ll need your data ready in a spreadsheet: 1) Copy your data, then go to the Highcharts generator here. 2…

    Richard Baxter/ SEOgadget- 33 readers -
  • How to Improve Title Tag CTR by 20%+

    … in the same area mentioned previously. Compare it against the previous date range in a spreadsheet to determine how each field changed. When you get your numbers back, it’s time to consider how confident you are that the changes benefitted you. Did your rankings increase? This is possible, hypothetically, if CTR impacts ranking, and/or your more…

    Ross Hudgens/ Siege Mediain Paid Search SEO How To's- 44 readers -
  • Simple Tips To Enhance Your Excel Spreadsheets

    … performance. I may start with the basic ad group report from AdWords and from there I create separate sheets for each. For my formatted ad group data I may title the original sheet, “Raw Data” and the formatted sheet “Table – Ad Group Data”. If I were to amalgamate the ad group data into campaign level data, I would in turn create a “Table – Campaign…

    Jacob Fairclough/ PPC Heroin Paid Search Twitter- 7 readers -
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