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    • Social Customer Service Will Rule the 2017 Holiday Season (Report)

      The holiday marketing campaigns are underway and consumers are gearing up for the height of shopping season. While everyone seems prepared, it’s important to note that consumers have expectations when it comes to social messaging and communication with brands during the holiday season. A fourth-quarter report from Sprout Social provides tips for marketers responding and post ...

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  • Twitter Adds Quick Replies, Welcome Messages to DMs From Brands

    …. If you’re a business that provides support in DMs, you can greet people with a welcome message starting today by setting up your default welcome message in the support settings page of Twitter Dashboard. The developer APIs (application-programming interfaces) that power these features are currently in private beta. If you’re a developer and are interested in building these types of solutions in DMs, you can sign up and apply for access here. Readers: What are your thoughts on the new Twitter DM features for businesses? …

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  • Why Hashtags Matter for Today’s Brands

    … The hashtag frenzy continues with no sign of abatement, from the mom posting those adorable pictures of the kids, to the millennial sharing every second and aspect of his or her daily life, to the small or large business trying to connect with new or existing audiences. Rarely is a photo, comment, opinion, quip, response, etc. posted on any…

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  • Too Many Promotional Brand Posts Drive Users Away (Report)

    Without an audience, a business’ social media presence is nothing but a waste of time. We spend a lot of time focusing on retention and engagement but rarely think about the behaviors that drive users away. A survey from Sprout Social explores how social media users feel about brand posting habits, and ultimately why they unfollow.

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  • How Current Customers Are the Catalyst for Your Organization’s Success

    … are responsible for 80 percent of sales of Diet Coke and a minuscule 3 percent account for 80 percent of sales of Coke Zero. This kind of disproportionate spending is similar for many organizations. Yet these brands speak to all of their customers the same way, acknowledge their purchases the same way and market the same way. Look into your customer database…

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  • Delivering Your Company’s Marketing Message on Social Media

    … that yields high retweet rates includes videos, quotes, statistics and tweets with hashtags. One way to get the most out of tweets is to use Twitter’s chat feature, reports Sprout Social. Posting Tweets that ask followers to respond sparks conversations and encourages the viral distribution of your content. For instance, if you post a photo…

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  • Engage Employees for Social Recruiting

    … Employees can be some of the greatest advocates for your company. However, it can also be a tricky field to navigate, as employees are unsure if and what they should be posting and companies are wary of ceding too much control to individuals. A report from Bambu by Sprout Social examines what companies are missing when they fail to engage…

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  • Report: Ignore Customers on Social at Your Own Peril

    …-relationship-management provider Sprout Social examines just how much businesses are losing by not engaging with customers. The report notes: While brands view Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as broadcast outlets for pumping out promotional content, consumers recognize these social channels for what they truly are: powerful portals for two-way…

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  • Updated Checklist for Social Media Managers (Infographic)

    … team should keep a list of your known brand advocates and continue to build on those relationships to ensure that your products are always top of mind. Load your social media content calendar: Publishing to social media is an important part of any social marketing strategy. Sharing social content helps boost reach, increase following and establish…

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  • The Social Marketing Dating Game: They’re Not That Into You

    … and to further hone their voices to better resonate with their audience. Marketers can modernize their social presence and engage users with valuable content by learning from the past. In 2016, brands should never be caught blindsided when consumers ignore their content online. Marketers cannot force users to care. However, they can certainly encourage interest with a more nuanced understanding of social networks and the audience who use them. Darryl Villacorta is the social media manager at Sprout Social. …

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  • How to Determine and Prioritize Social Media Marketing Goals and Objectives

    Achieving measurable social media ROI is very similar to teens and sex. Everyone is talking about it but very few are actually doing it! It’s interesting because many marketing and social media leaders within brands and organizations of all sizes dream about achieving real ROI using social media and digital marketing, yet very few of them actually bring to fruition much more ...

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  • 6 Social Media Tactics that Reduce Marketing Costs for SMBs

    … in a matter of hours or days, put ad dollars behind the already performing posts and you’ll be more cost effective.” (Andrew Caravella, Sprout Social) 2. Take advantage of the low cost of online ads. “Merchants should be advertising on Facebook. Forget about regular ads in the local newspaper—chances are your target audience spends hours more on Facebook…

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