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  • Museums, the Next Media Companies

    … new for the team, a move meant to capitalize on the increasing popularity of “binge-watching.” He hopes the schedule will create excitement along the lines of a new season of House of Cards, instead of a more typical one-time dump or gradual, one-at-a-time trickle. This experimental distribution strategy is just one among many at the Met, where…

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  • How Do You Fight the Summer Reader Drought?

    … of identifying it and giving them what they want. It’s also important to note that no matter how much and how quickly the world changes, people will likely always take breaks and behave differently during the summer months. Nothing—absolutely nothing—will be able to fully fight the truisms expressed by Will Smith in his classic ode, “Summertime.” Contently arms brands with the tools and talent to become great content creators. Learn more. …

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