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  • The World’s First Affiliate Marketing Documentary!

    We just announced this in the forum! We are excited to announce our latest game changing project that STM has been working on with The Angry Russian, Fernando and the 317 film crew. It’s called “The Angle”. Here is a little teaser: It will be THE World’s First Affiliate Marketing Documentary. The Angle: How a bunch of ballsy 20 year old misfits completely revolutionized marketing.

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  • STM Thought Leader: Alexander Tsatkin (Angry Russian)

    … The Angry Russian, aka Alexander Tsatkin, is one of the most elusive characters in the affiliate marketing industry. He’s most known for his extreme short temper (don’t let the profile photo fool you), his lack of mercy, and for pioneering the mobile affiliate marketing industry. Alex went from being a struggling affiliate, to a successful…

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  • STM Thought Leader: Charles Ngo

    …, he happened to be walking around Barnes & Noble when he noticed a book right on top of the business bestsellers list called, “The Four Hour Work Week.” The title definitely sounded like bullshit, but it was enough to pique his curiosity. A 15 minute browse turned into an 8 hour reading session. In that book, the author Tim Ferriss described…

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  • STM Thought Leader: Tim Tetra

    … brother’s cable modem offered for him (the fastest connection in the area). Being a typical 11 year old boy Tim was fixated with how fast the — ahem — NSFW pictures now loaded. Armed with this new sense of wonder, and the acute sense to know that other boys could only dream they had access to what he did, and significant cash investment in a colour laser…

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  • STM Thought Leader: Kokofai (Benjamin Yong)

    … a faster path, so he initially joined some direct selling companies. But during this time, he started toying with the idea of making money online after reading some online blogs and attending some guru seminars. Initially, he even made some quick money, basically by spamming emails. But soon, all of his accounts got banned, and he lost everything…

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  • Some Must Have Tools for the Affiliate Marketer!

    … Let’s get straight to it. The following tools are useful and will help you build a better workflow. Some of these are gems! Time and Task Management My favourite: Todoist Why? They have an app for virtually every platform. I have it on my phone and integrated into Outlook. They have browser plugins, a web-based version, and with the premium…

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  • 1 Simple Trick to Improving Your Life?

    … with their spirituality’. Something I couldn’t care less about. But recently on the STM forum a post about an app popped up – called Headspace. I used it, and it’s actually pretty good. Then I saw the above linked article and I thought a quick blog post was in order. It reminds me of trying to lucid dream – ya know, that deep state of being…

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  • Free Courses That Will Help You Succeed in IM

    … Affiliate marketing is a uniquely bizarre industry. A large proportion of the experienced, highly successful affiliates out there have absolutely no relevant credentials from places like universities, academies or business schools. I have a PhD – and it has virtually nothing to do with marketing or even business! Think about that for a second…

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  • Must-Read Threads From STM: June 2014

    … Hello STMers! Summer’s in full swing, and the affiliate world is buzzing. So I won’t keep you – here’s the cream of the amazing posts from STM in the last month or so. If you missed these, you missed out – so catch up now! Guides The Mobile Cookbook: The Main Course (Part 1) The Mobile Cookbook: The Main Course (Part 2) Our massive guide…

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  • Stack That Money Must-Read Posts: Mid-May Edition

    …”! Testosterone blasts into the forum with this unique guide to “The Unicorn”, the hidden super-offer. POF Profitable Time To Tackle Mobile? Sandip recently hit profitability with POF – and here are his tips to anyone looking to follow the same path! How To Find The Information You’re Looking For On STM STM now has over 150,000 posts, and that means…

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  • Must-Read Posts From Stack That Money: Mid-February Edition

    … Hey Stackers! It’s a crazy time of year for affiliates right now, between ASW, the MASSIVE STM meetup in Thailand, tax season and everything else, so I’ll get right to the point! So whether you want to read inspirational case studies about STM members hitting $x,xxx or more a day, or whether you’re down for hardcore intel on working campaigns…

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  • First xx,xxx month! (STM Forum success 1)

    … to legitimately make money online” and dicking around on newb-friendly forums. While doing so, I was working at a dairy store making minimum wage while taking classes at my local community college. September 2011 came around and by then I had a few things figured out: affiliate marketing as a concept, how you start it, and my traffic source that I…

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