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  • Sponsored Social and Marketing

    …Everyone knows the power of a celebrity and how celebrity sponsorships work. Sponsored social media is no different. A few eTips ago, we discussed leveraging the power of Vine Celebrities but now we take a closer look at “sponsored social” marketing. What’s different in the world of social is that not everyone is a “celebrity” but... View Article…

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  • Refining your Marketing Program

    …In light of ever-shrinking advertising budgets and human resources, marketers are under mounting pressure to do more with less so increasing ROI has never been more critical in keeping executives at bay when the monthly financial reports are published. But how do we do more with less? We get smarter. Using Analytics to Measure Success... View…

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  • Use Geofencing to Create Relevancy

    …A geographic fence or “GeoFence” is a virtual way to define a physical area for marketing purposes. This brings a lot more flexibility for marketers than using pre-defined designated marketing areas (DMAs) or ZIP code. Geofence technology targets users using their mobile devices when they “enter” or “leave” one of these custom-defined areas…

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  • Driving Visitations and Tracking Offline Conversions

    …In today’s world of digital advertising, whether you call it SEO, SEM or PPC; or measure by CPC, CPL or CPM, the goal is one and the same–tracking and conversion. While a variety of tools make measurement fairly mundane, how do businesses attribute conversions to the appropriate marketing source? Let’s explore two methods within Google’s... View…

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  • SnapChat Ads, Geofilters and Millennials

    …Snapchat may have finally found an advertising model that its core millennial users will actually like — custom geofilters with opportunities for companies to brand and sponsor. Geofilters allow users to add a location-specific filter to photos or videos they post to the network. These filters have become a popular way to tell friends where... View Article…

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  • Keep a Pulse on your Performance with an Executive Dashboard

    …An executive dashboard has become a very useful tool to help keep executives and key stakeholders abreast of the company’s ongoing performance for a specific effort or for the organization as a whole. In a nutshell, dashboards are a visual representation of performance that gives executives a quick and easy way to view results in... View Article…

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